Protect Your Smile: Top 5 Tips to Maintaining Healthy Gums

Have you ever talked to someone who's had to have major dental work done? Aside from the fact that it's not the most comfortable procedure to go through (thanks to shots, drilling, etc.), it can also be really expensive. For those two reasons alone, it should be a top daily priority to do all that you can to maintain your gums because healthy gums equal healthy teeth.


So, what are some things that you can do to protect your smile in between routine dental visits? We have five easy and highly-beneficial tips below:

Brush and floss daily (and more than once a day). It may seem odd to remind adults of how important it is to brush and floss every day, but you might be surprised by how many people either don't do it (especially floss) or don't do it well. According to most dentists, you should spend at least 2 minutes brushing your teeth each time and follow it up with flossing. It also doesn't hurt to use a mouthwash like Orajel, Plax or Listerine too.

Watch your diet. Most of us know that it's sugar that leads to tooth decay most of all (not just candy, but things like sugary drinks as well). However, it's also wise to use moderation when it comes to starchy foods (like breads and potato chips) because they tend to get stuck in your teeth. Yet, when it comes to your diet, there are actually foods that you can eat that will help to keep your gums healthy. They include fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber, yogurt and cheese (for calcium), green and black tea (the polyphenols help to fight plaque) and seafood because it contains fluoride in it.

Get the right toothbrush and toothpaste. Whether you go to an Anchorage dentist, one that's in Chicago or one that's in New York, one thing that they're all going to say is that you need to get a good toothbrush and use the right kind of toothpaste in order to keep your gums in optimal condition. There are many electric toothbrushes that you can get in a drug store for around 10 bucks that will make it easier and quicker to brush (plus, they are able to reach areas that a manual brush usually cannot). As far as toothpaste, a lot of dentists say that so long as the active ingredient is sodium fluoride (to aid in preventing decay), whether it's a gel or a paste, you're pretty much all set.

Keep the stress levels down. There are many studies to support the fact that when our stress levels are high, it makes it more difficult for our bodies to fight off infections, including periodontal disease. So, make sure that you get plenty of rest and that you incorporate a consistent workout regimen. Also, if you are someone who wakes up with headaches or what feels like a stiff jaw on a fairly regular basis, you may be someone who grinds your teeth in your sleep (which definitely puts unneeded pressure on your teeth and gums). Make sure to discuss that with your dentist so that it can be remedied sooner than later.

Know the warning signs. One of the best ways to have healthy gums is to know the signs of when they are unhealthy. These would include if your gums are red and swollen, if they are receding from your teeth at the gum line, if you have mouth sores or unexplainable bad breath, or if your teeth feel loose or your gums are bleeding. All of these are warning signs that should not be ignored because unhealthy gums can also affect your overall health. If you have any of these, make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

(Guest Post by Carol)

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  1. Prachi10:09 AM

    Calcium is the best.

  2. A good mouth wash will help

  3. Tulasi10:10 AM

    brush your teeth 2 times a day( in your case after every sweet meal, cuz u could get cavaties and it will add to ur problem or just rinse out your mouth really good after evry meal

    - floss

    - use mouthwash

    And that's pretty much it

  4. Gayatri10:10 AM

    sensodyne toothpaste and listerine mouthwash

  5. Nayantara10:11 AM

    Brush after every meal, floss daily, use mouthwash, brush your tongue and eat cheese after meals (reduces acidity in mouth)

  6. Smile is a key of beauty, it can inspire anyone. These tips are remarkable….

  7. It can also be really expensive. For those two reasons alone, it should be a top daily priority to do all that you can to maintain your gums because healthy gums equal healthy teeth.


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