Tips for Avoiding Weight Gain When You're Injured

If you're someone who recently encountered a physical injury, that's already pretty distressing. Oh, but if you are someone who is used to participating in a regimented workout schedule, that can make your "down time" all the more challenging. One reason is because you enjoy the exercise, but in all honesty, another reason is probably because you're concerned about the extra weight that you might end up gaining as a direct result of not being as active.


Help is here. We have done some research and come up with five effective ways for you to avoid gaining weight, even as you are healing from your injury. We hope that it will provide you with some peace of mind as you make getting better your top priority.

Watch what you eat. Weight gain comes from a high caloric intake. While you may not be able to move around as much, you might be tempted to load up on the carbs even if it's just a means of self-comfort. Try and avoid that as much as possible. When you have an urge for a pint of ice cream, try some yogurt instead. Do you want a candy bar? Snack on some dark chocolate squares. Carrot sticks, popcorn (with light butter and very little salt, if any at all) and pieces of fruit are also good options to fill you up without filling you out.

Do some low-impact exercises. It kind of depends on the kind of injury that you have, but if it's your lower half that is healing, then try using some free weights for your arms. If it's the upper half, maybe doing some walking around your neighborhood in the evening. As you get stronger, you can then ease into more demanding forms of exercise.

Keep yourself busy. Nothing good really comes from idle time, so, if you find that you are eating, not so much because you are hungry, but because you are bored, then that's a telling sign that you need to find something to do. Read a book, work on an arts & crafts project, start a blog. You never know, this time that you are getting over your injury might also be the time when you come up with some new ideas; ones that wouldn't have happened without you getting still and quiet.

Listen to the professionals. Say that you got into a car accident, one that was so serious that you needed an Atlanta injury lawyer or some legal representation wherever you live and also one where you needed to go to the doctor. One thing to keep in mind during this time is to listen to your legal and healthcare providers when it comes to receiving advice on how to get through the process quickly and as painlessly as possible. When you don't listen to wise counsel, you can end up making matters worse before they get better.

Watch what you drink. If you're a health buff, then you probably already know that alcohol can pack on the calories. But you know what? So can soda and even an overconsumption of juice. You don't want (or need) to spend your time drinking sugar all day long, so make sure to keep some water close by. If you need something with a bit of a kick, mix some spring water with a bit of juice. It's refreshing, it's has less calories and it will help to keep the pounds off until you get back onto your feet.

(Guest Post by Carol)

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  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Proper diet and exercise are the ways to control weight. Since exercise is not an option at this point you must focus on diet. Try utilizing a low-glycemic index diet. This type of "diet" is not actually a diet (like the kind that you "go on", get results and then stop), but rather a lifestyle change.

  2. Vivek3:02 PM

    Watch What You Eat

  3. Shripriya3:03 PM

    Do Low Impact Exercises

  4. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Avoiding Snacks After Meals Key to Prevent Excessive Weight

  5. Yogini3:07 PM

    Look for alternative methods of exercise.


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