Best of 2012

2012 was an eventful year with its share of highs and lows. Blogging took a backseat as I was preoccupied with other things that required more priority. But thanks to the guest writers who contributed several quality articles, there was no dearth of posts. Now that the year has come to an end, it's time to showcase the best posts list!

Best of 2012 graphic
Homemade Oils for Backache & other info
Do not be an exercise dropout
Care Of The Nose
Vinegar - Beauty Benefits
Dengue Fever – Home Remedies
Manicures That Make Your Engagement Ring Pop
Top 5 Makeup Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making
The Perfect Skin Diet: 5 Foods for the Face
Beauty on a Budget: 5 Products You Can Make at Home
Natural Hair Oils You Should Try
The Best Homemade Hair Masks
Dermatologists' Top 5 Tips for Improving Skin
Top 5 Tips for DIY Pedicures
Low Blood Pressure Info & Home Remedies
Beauty Mistakes That Can Age You
Hair Thinning Treatment Tips for Women
Simple Homemade Beauty Recipes That You Should Try
Foods for your teeth–some that delight & some that damage
Homemade Gulkand – Rose Petal Preserve for cooling your body
Snacks that Make You Beautiful
Get Acne To Back Off!
Eye Makeup Application Based on Your Eye Shape
Hair Loss- Prevention is better than Cure
How to fight Hair loss with Organic Products you can see in your kitchen and backyard?
Top 10 Makeup Trends This Fall
Facial Exercises That Tighten Skin and Keep You Looking Young
Top 10 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy
6 Home Remedies for Acne
Beauty around the globe in the 21st Century
Pregnancy Skin Care: Beauty Products to Use and Avoid
Petroleum Jelly: the Secret Beauty Product That Every College Girl Needs
How to Smooth the Lines on Your Forehead
Vegan Recipes for Hair and Skin Care
Eat Vegan Foods for Vibrant Skin
Let It Glow: Beauty Recipes for the Holidays
8 Steps to Opening Your Own Online Beauty Goods Store
Draping a sari for the new plump look
4 of the Best Home Remedies To Stop Eyebrow Thinning

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