Foods for your teeth–some that delight & some that damage

While regular brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning goes a long way in keeping your teeth and mouth healthy, certain foods can help them too. However eating the right kinds of foods does not mean that you should deny yourself some incredible delicacies. Eat smart, yes, but eat tasty too!   Now take a look at the foodstuffs compiled below that indeed influence the health of your teeth and gums.
foods for better teeth

Go Green!

green tea
Green tea counters bad breath better than mint, parsley or chewing gum. Flavonoids in green tea have shown to reduce plaque formation, fight microorganisms and prevent cavities. So have a cuppa after dinner or dessert to keep the plaque forming bacteria into eating your pearls.

Chocolate delight!

Yes! Chocolates have been given the green signal! What a scrumptious surprise! Chocolate itself contributes little to tooth decay. Plain chocolate, though sweet, is not sticky and clears out of the mouth quickly. In addition, it contains substances that may inhibit bacterial growth and promote plaque formation and thus cavities. However if the chocolate contains sticky, sugary ingredients like raisins and caramel, then tooth decay will be promoted. So be a judge before you go ahead.

Say cheese!

Cheese thwarts cavities by neutralizing harmful acids in plaque, enhancing the removal of cavity-causing sugars and by remineralizing tooth enamel with calcium and phosphorous. But don’t overdo it; cheese is typically high in saturated fat and cholesterol!

The power of aqua!

Water isn’t exactly a foodstuff, but adequate intake of it ensures good oral health. Water stimulates saliva production, your mouth’s first defense against plaque. Moreover rinsing your mouth with water after a snack or a meal reduces the bacteria in your mouth by 30 percent, significantly cutting your risk of cavities.

Citrusy fruits for pink gums!

citrus fruitscabbage-cauliflower-broccoli
Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is responsible for the formation of collagen in connective tissues, the absence of which leads to red, swollen and spongy gums that bleed easily. For pink, healthy gums gorge on oranges, kiwis and other citrus fruits, Brussel sprouts, cabbages, green peppers, raw cauliflower, black currants, grapefruits, sweet potato and red bell peppers. But I would like to add that even though consumption of citrus fruits can give you healthy gums; it can also erode your teeth enamel especially if you do not rinse your mouth properly. Its therefore a better idea to have these fruits during meal times along with other foods (as this will neutralize the acidic effect of these fruits). As far as fruit juices are concerned have them through a straw which provides minimal contact with your teeth and enamel. Also rinse your mouth thoroughly each time you eat or drink something! Also read Citrus fruits and dental erosion.

Crunchy crunchy munches!

green veggies and fruits
Crisp raw vegetables, fruits and greens clean the teeth by promoting saliva movements and offer fresher breath.

Stay away from 

* Chewing Tobacco.

chewing tobacco pan masala
Quit it or else you could end up with shrinking gums, root cavities and mouth cancer.

* Alcohol.

beer alcohol
Alcohol can dry your mouth and a dry mouth is more susceptible to damage and decay. Furthermore studies show that even a drink or two of brandy/wine/beer a day can increase a woman’s risk for certain cancers besides damaging tooth structure. Also read Home Remedies To Quit Drinking Alcohol.

* Carbonated beverages.

colas carbonated beverages
Frequent consumption of soft drinks, colas and the like erode the enamel leaving you with teeth sensitive and sore.

* Sugary foodstuffs and drinks.

sugary foodstuff
The more often you snack on them the more you provide fuel for the cavity causing bacteria and increase the acidity of saliva in your mouth. Cut down the frequency and rinse after every indulgence.
(Guest Post by Smriti Rao)

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  1. veggies / protein / milk /eggs /fruit low in sugar
    are some good foods for your teeth/gums

  2. eat fruits and vegetables a lot. they clean your teeth.


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