Causes for Hair Loss

There are many different causes for hair loss and these do not just the hair growing on you head but other regions also. Both men and women have suffered from hair loss and don't understand why. Here we hope to shed light on hair loss.
hair loss
Stress induced hair loss One reason for hair loss can be extreme amounts of stress. The body can turn on the hair follicles and actually kill them. This occurs not only on the scalp, but on the arms, legs, and private regions as well. Medical science is not sure exactly why the body reacts like this. The pattern for this type of hair loss is circular in nature and can become larger. There isn't much that can be done that isn't done for most hair loss conditions. Everything from creams to medications are used to try to stop new patches from showing up and subsequently growing. Sometimes it just takes learning to control your stress levels so that the body stops attacking the hairs.

MPHL MPHL, otherwise know as male pattern hair loss, is a genetic condition affecting about 50% of men by the time they reach their 40's. One of the myths is that it is inherited from the mother's side. That isn't the case. Scientists have now shown that it can be from either side- mother and/or father. DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is a chemical produced by the body that may be the reason for MPHL. To treat this condition, like the stress induced loss, doctors can prescribe oral medications and creams.

Female Pattern Hair loss Many people relate hair loss or pattern hair loss to men and though it tends to be more common in men it is certainly not exclusive. Female pattern hair loss can result in losing up to 50-100 hairs a day, the cause for which has not been identified precisely. There are a few potential causes that have been highlighted, one of these is hereditary. A second links female pattern hair loss to menopause- as it tends to occur more frequently after this. This finding indicates that oestrogen is a stimulus for hair growth but is contradictory to lab findings which actually find the opposite, that oestrogen actually suppresses hair growth. Stress and lifestyle factors can also be taken as factors for hair loss. As for the pattern of the hair loss it’s not like that of males. Where that is a clear pattern it is not the case in women whereby hair will begin to fall out and/or lose volume. Only cases where there is a high count of androgens in the blood do you tend to see hair loss at the front of a female scalp. 

Other treatments There are different ways to treat hair loss. It can range from prescriptions to over the counter medications. Normally the over the counter medications would be herbal remedies. These can be less costly and may work just as well.

There is also the surgical option of a hair transplant. In this procedure they take hair from another part of the body and implant them into the scalp. Hopefully the hair takes hold and begins to grow. The problem with most treatments are they are meant for hair loss on the scalp.

What about hair loss other places? The reason for hair loss on parts of the body that isn't the scalp is mainly related to disease. Doctors can evaluate your situation and help you recover if this is the case.
Sometimes the reason for hair loss can be the medications that you are taking or even the way you style your hair- peroxides and other chemicals used when bleaching hair can be most harmful.

This article was written by Jem, a freelance writer who focuses on health topics concerning you the reader. He writes about hair loss treatments and the causes of hair loss.

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  1. Most hair loss is not associated with systemic or internal disease, nor is poor diet a frequent factor. Hair may simply thin as a result of predetermined genetic factors and the overall ageing process,and it's usually related to one or more of the following factors:

    1. Family history (heredity)
    2. Hormonal changes
    3. Medical conditions
    4. Medications

  2. Hair loss could be a sign of underlying illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease. It can have negative effects on social life and may also lead to depression. Do not neglect hair loss.consult hair specialist


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