How to Assemble a Wedding Day Beauty Kit

Your wedding day is one of the most important of your life, right up there with graduating from college and having kids. So you want it to be as perfect as humanly possible. While you can't control everything, you can manage a lot with some simple forethought and planning. 
And in truth, the state of your personal appearance is largely in your own hands. So with a comprehensive beauty kit at your disposal you should be able to face every flashbulb with a smile, knowing that you look your best. Here are just a few essential items you'll want to include in your wedding day beauty kit.

1. Makeup for touch-ups. 

You don't necessarily need to bring the whole kit and caboodle, especially if you go with waterproof options (like mascara and liner). But at the very least you should include powder and lip gloss (since these will naturally wear away throughout the day between perspiration and smooching). 
And you might want to toss in a little blush, as well, since the tracks of your tears could mar your "natural" flush. 

2. Tools. 

Whether you apply your shellac with sponges, brushes, puff pads, or Q-tips, it pays to have the entire toolbox on standby should you suffer a mishap (like a crying jag) before you walk down the aisle (or if you just want a touch-up on your way to the reception). 
While you could rely on your fingers or a tissue for this task, consider that you want to look your best for every photo that snapped on your special day and you'll see that hauling along a few extra items is not such a hassle for the payoff. 
Don't forget to add an emery board and your favorite polish for chips, a toothbrush and travel tube of toothpaste, and although it doesn't really qualify as a "tool", per se, you should also throw in some deodorant. 

3. Hairspray and bobby pins. 

Your makeup might present the biggest beauty concern, but it pays to attend to all the details. So if you want your hair to stay perfectly coifed throughout the wedding and reception, keep a little spritzer of hairspray handy along with a few extra bobby pins to secure the curls that will undoubtedly slip out of place. 

4. First-aid essentials. 

God forbid you should suffer some kind of first-aid crisis in the course of your wedding day, but having a few basics on hand couldn't hurt. So stock up on aspirin, antiseptic spray, and a bottle of New Skin Liquid Bandage (so you don't have to flash a Band-Aid in photos). 

5. Safety pins. 

This may not be part of your current beauty kit, but imagine how it will look if you have to secure a broken spaghetti strap with tape or if one stocking is falling down because your garter strap snapped. 
You average make up blog probably won't recommend safety pins for your wedding day super-kit, but you'll certainly be glad you grabbed a few on your way to the altar should you end up needing them.

(Guest Post by Carol Montrose)

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