Does Skin Whitening Cream Really Work

The complexion and colour of the skin is a predetermined factor. Depending on the amount of melanin in the skin, the colour is decided. Melanin is a pigment which is produced in the skin using the enzyme tyrosinase along with melanosomes. The increase of melanin in the skin darkness its shade and the reduction makes it fairer. The amount of melanin that our skin would produce is predestined depending on a number of factors like which depend on our genetic make over, however a number of people these days are looking to rearrange this production and pigmentation to get the skin tone they desire.

There are many skin whitening creams available in the market. These creams have been divided into chemical and herbal treatment depending on the kind of constituents they have and the ingredients they use to target, as well as reduce melanin production in the skin. Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid and Mandelic work in coordination with one another, in chemical whitening cream to reduce the production of melanin. They target the tyrosinase and keep in check, its compound to ensure melanin is not produced. The existing melanin in the skin is also broken down and reduced on application. The reduction of this is absorbed back into the cells and the skin in the area becomes whiter due to reduction in pigmentation.

The initial use of skin whitening creams was to cure a disease called melisma which causes dark and light spotted pigmentation on the skin. However the use has evolved to allow people to gain the desired skin tone that is more preferred under the norms of the society today. While some people might think the definition of beauty has been narrowed down to be too conditional, others choose to follow the existing norms and turn to such products to make the required alterations and gain the benefits from such products.

Components of Skin Whitening Cream
The components in herbal whitening creams are Kojic acid, Alpha Arbutin, Mulberry Extract, Bearberry Extract, Liquorice Extract and lemon juice extract. All of this work to keep a check on melanin production in the skin and make sure the skin becomes lighter than what it used to be. Since people have different skin tones and different skin types, it is important for you to try both kinds of creams to know the response your skin has to the same. This trial and error method can be used for a week with each cream and any kind of discomfort or irritation during application would confirm that the cream is not suitable to be used.

A long list of users has confirmed the efficiency of both types of creams and has confirmed noticing visibly lighter skin. Depending on the chemical compounds present in the skin, some have even claimed to witness a reduction in dark spots, scars and uneven pigmentation.

Research and surveys have also shown that the presence of hydroquinone in skin whitening creams may be the main component for efficiency but long term use of the chemical can deteriorate skin quality and pose a threat in later years. It is for this reason that research has established the use of herbal creams. While their results are seen over a longer period of time, they are not harmful to the skin in the long run. Also, the effects of hydroquinone are multiplied when it is not accompanied with skin softening or skin protecting agents, whereas herbal extracts are known to benefit the skin in more ways than one.

Many people who use skin lightening creams do not understand the importance of overuse. One of the biggest dangers associated with skin lightening creams are overuse. If a whitening cream is used constantly for 2-3 months is should be sufficient to keep the skin light for a number of months to follow at least. But many people think that the cream needs to be applied to maintain whiteness which later becomes the main cause of skin damage.

How to choose Skin Whitening Cream
Choose a skin whitening cream which not only gives you the desired complexion but also caters to your skin quality. Use creams which do not cause irritation and make your skin glow naturally, along with making sure your skin remains smooth and healthy. Altering any part of your body includes making sure overall health is also catered to, or it could lead to devastating results in the future.

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  1. Anonymous3:07 PM

    avoid skin care products that consists of artificial ingredients. Benzene and mercury are some of the key components that are used by many manufactures. But it is found that using creams that has these as ingredients can cause cancer and kidney failure. Also your skin can suffer from severe damages which can not be repaired.

  2. Jayanti3:09 PM

    i have uneven skin tone so tell me is it really good,or its effect only for few months,plz if any body have used it plz ans.Thanx.


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