Beauty Mistakes That Can Age You

When it comes to the plethora of beauty products available on today's market, from cleansers to creams to cosmetics, you'd think that women of all ages would have no trouble finding the items needed to make them look and feel younger.

And yet, there are so many women out there who end up looking a lot older because they are using the wrong products. How is this possible? In truth, women tend to get complacent about beauty products.

They find something they like and they never stray, despite the fact that newer, better products have made their way to market. They may also forget that their skin changes as they age, as well as ignore trends in makeup colors.

So here are just of the few cardinal beauty mistakes that many women make when it comes to beauty and how you can stop your routine from making you appear older than you are.


1. Too much makeup. 

We've all seen women with makeup caked on a la Tammy Faye Baker. And with modern options in cosmetics there is absolutely no reason to make this blunder.

Light, combination foundations that go from cream to powder finish can help you to save time on application, but they can also get rid of that telltale makeup line on the chin that results from heavy liquid foundation, as well as the accentuated creases and chalkiness that can occur with powder.

 And when you choose to highlight one feature rather than going with a smoky eye AND a bold lip, you look more sophisticated and less like a "working" girl.

2. Not enough makeup

Some women just don't want to put time and effort into learning about makeup, and so they eschew it altogether. But if you want to look younger, you're going to have to work harder and harder to get the same results over time. A complete lack of makeup will only make you look older.

3. Makeup from another era

Ladies, listen up! You've no doubt felt sorry for friends that still have the avocado and orange colors of the '70s featured prominently in their outdated homes.

But did you know that those same friends are laughing at the electric '80s eye shadow you continue to wear and the teased, claw-hammer bangs you sport with your poodle perm?

Women tend to stick to the makeup and fashion that they used when they felt most beautiful, but making yourself up like an icon of a bygone era will only age you further.

4. Failure to use sunblock. 

Nothing ages you faster than the harmful effects of the sun, so use an SPF moisturizer, primer, or foundation to ensure that damaging UVA and UVB rays aren't bombarding your skin throughout the day.

5. Using the wrong products. 

Your skin changes as you age and you need to change your moisturizers and other products accordingly.

You wouldn't continue to order prescription glasses online without going in for annual checkups with your ophthalmologist, so what makes you think you can get away with continuing to use the same moisturizer that worked when you were fifteen?

If you don't have time to do all the research on your own, at least set up a consultation with a dermatologist to find out which products are right for the skin you have now. It could make you look a lot younger and preserve your youthful skin for years to come.

(Guest Post by Carol Montrose)

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  1. 1) facial piercing
    2) too much make up

  2. Daina9:40 AM

    Not being natural. I know that make up is fun and you should be creative, but when you're looking like a clown, then we have a serious problem!

  3. Christina9:41 AM

    There are plenty of bigger women who are great looking but they try to squeeze into stuff because of what size the tag says. It's unflattering. If they wore clothes that fit them, they would look great.


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