Types of Spray Tans and Skin Care While Getting Them

Spray tanning is extremely attractive to thousands of people as it has no negative side effects like the sun would, which include age spots, premature wrinkling and skin cancer. Spray tanning is also convenient as it can be done either in a professional establishment or at home.

Different spray tanning methods 
  • Spray tanning booths are the easiest and quickest way to getting a spray tan. These are done in tanning salons, spas or beauty salons. A tanning professional will help you prepare for the process and inform you on the best ways to move to get the most out of your tan. Nose plugs and eye protection are given in order to keep these parts safe.
  • Air brush tanning: This is another technique of getting a spray tan that utilizes a spray gun. The fine tanning mist is applied on your body through this spray gun. It usually takes more time as compared to tanning booths, but there is usually better coverage as the tanning technician can covers areas that are usually missed. The important point to consider while getting these tans is the experience of the tanning professional, as one who is not good at his/her job could end up giving you a tan that is not uniform.
  • At-home spray tanning: Products that allow you to do your own spray tan at home are available as well. These come in cans or bottles and can be sprayed directly onto your skin. But care should be taken to avoid it from getting sprayed in your eyes, mouth and nose. It should be done in the shower as it can stain furniture. The results can be very attractive when done correctly. 

Spray tanning skincare tips
  • In order to ensure you skin is in its best condition before tanning, exfoliate before tanning. This helps remove dead skin and lets the tan last much longer. Remove unwanted hair by shaving or waxing before getting a tan, as doing so after could cause some of the tan to come off. It is ideal to remove hair a few days before to ensure all your pores are closed; otherwise the tanning solution could enter them and leave orange spots.
  • Try and avoid getting in the shower for about five hours after you get the tan. In case you are using a bronzer, you might need to shower before going to bed, to avoid staining the sheets. If you are using a clear solution it is not required.
  • Moisturize your skin as much as you can after you get the tan, as this makes it last longer. In case you do have any dead skin cells, then tend to shed and take the tan along. Moisturizing helps keeps these cells attached to your skin. Make sure you moisture after taking a shower, in the morning and at night.
  • Do not forget to use sunscreen. Just because you are tanned does not mean you are immune to the harmful rays of the sun.

Why opt for spray tanning? Many of you might wonder that if you can get a natural tan, then why opt for spray tanning. The most obvious reason is that it is a lot simpler to get a uniform tan with spray tanning. Also, sun induced tans turn your skin red and after that you find that brown tint, but wit spray tan you get direct results.

Another advantage is the fact that spray tanning is available throughout the year, but you might find it a bit tricky to get a sun induced tan in winters. All things considered, spray tanning is a simple way of getting a tan whenever you want.

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