Top TV Makeup Tips and Secrets

In the wide world of celebrities, you'll rarely see a shot of an actress or model looking her age. While there are times when lighting and airbrushing play a role, and many flawlessly beautiful faces are the result of complex routines that include multiple visits to the dermatologist each year for corrections and injections, the truth is that you can do a lot with makeup to enhance natural beauty, mask imperfections, and create the perfect facade. Behind every great beauty is a cosmetician with a makeup case full of magic. So if you want to look like the gorgeous celebs you see in your favorite programs, movies, and magazines, here are just a few top tips and secrets to try on your own.

For starters, you need to learn the value of highlighting. We're not talking about your study habits or adding depth to your hair color. Highlighting your face is part of a little trick that makeup artists have been using for years called contouring. Now, imagine that you have a prominent nose. By applying the right combination of dark tones, or bronzers (which recede under light) and light tones, or illuminators (which pop out) you can make your nose look smaller, thinner, or however you want. In short, your makeup can create a visual illusion. This trick can also be used to lift cheekbones, reduce the appearance of sagging under the chin, and so on. But most women need not go to these lengths.

What you should do, and every day, is add a little highlighter under your eyebrows, on the inside corners of your eyes, and just above your cheekbones. Bouncing the light strategically around your eyes will help you to look alert, youthful, and well-rested, as well as giving your face an overall lift on the upper half. Considering how busy most modern women are, this simple trick will add virtual hours to your truncated beauty sleep.
Another thing you should discover, and fast, is primer. You may use such a product infrequently and in small doses, like when you wear a lot of eye makeup for special occasions. But there are now products designed for use on your whole face, and they come with a slew of positive functions to recommend them. The most important reason to start with a primer is to smooth your palette and create a flawless surface to put your makeup on. As an added bonus, some primers will create a barrier between your skin and your makeup that keeps oil from coming to the surface and likewise stops makeup from seeping into your skin (preserving your finish for hours longer than normal). You may also find primers with SPF for an extra layer of protection from the sun, as well as luminizing agents to create a natural glow. The products used by most makeup artists come from companies like MAC and Laura Mercier and this is one product where splurging a bit will make a difference.

Finally, you may wonder why celebs never seem to have any blemishes. Don't these people suffer from hormonal acne like the rest of us? In truth, they probably have an army of dermatologist and aestheticians on call to deal with blemishes at the first sign of a blackhead or pimple. But even the best broadband can't connect you to their high-profile cosmeticians. So use the trick that the pros employ. Start with an acne-fighting concealer (one with salicylic acid should do the trick) and use a tapered concealer brush to apply. This tool will do double duty by keeping the oils from your hands off your face and getting into every crevice to ensure the best coverage. In short, your makeup will look like it was done by a pro.

(Guest Post by Carol Montrose)

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