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Everyone is more concerned about high blood pressure or hypertension and of course, if one is suffering from it, one must take precautions and all necessary treatment to keep it under control to avoid serious consequences. But low blood pressure (hypotension) is also a major health concern accompanied by problems like headache, dizziness, lethargy, lack of interest in work and irritability. Yet low blood pressure is often neglected and left untreated.
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There are definite arbitrary values when we value a person hypertensive but it is not so with low blood pressure. Many doctors do not call it a disease although when present,  it may be a cause of many disturbing symptoms affecting efficiency. As low blood pressure decreases the amount of of blood reaching the brain it may cause fainting. In some individuals, there may be sudden fall in blood pressure which is usually due to the abrupt dilation of blood vessels or loss of blood or fluid from the body like during diarrhea, vomiting or massive bleeding.
Emotional disturbances as when witnessing frightening scenes also causes a sudden decrease in blood pressure causing dizziness, dimness of vision and even fainting. If fainting is due to shocking news or after observing a frightening scene, this condition is called vaso vagal syncope.

There is no need to panic if you see a person fainting. The person must be made to lie down in a comfortable bed in an airy place. Loosen the patient's clothes. do not make a commotion and do not panic. If possible, the lower end of the cot must be raised by putting wooden block or brick under the legs. Usually a person recovers completely from a faint within a few minutes. If he does not recover, injections of Atropine is usually given directly into the vein of the patient to increase blood pressure.

Dizziness, dimness of vision or even fainting when standing for a long time is common. These symptoms are due to a drop in blood pressure due to pooling of blood in dependent parts of the body. If the blood pressure difference between lying and standing position is more than 20 mm, the disease is called postural hypertension. Sometimes the disease runs in a family and the chances of children inheriting it, if a parent is a sufferer, are pretty high.

Some people may develop postural low blood pressure if they remain in a standing posture for a long time, after prolonged bed rest or after exercise. The problem of low blood pressure on standing is more often found in diabetics and persons who are suffering from high blood pressure and taking drugs to control it.
Persons suffering from postural hypotension, complain of dizziness, dimness of vision or even fainting attacks when they stand up, especially if they are resting for a long time or when they get up from bed. They may even get the symptoms when they strain during urination, coughing, swallowing or during exercise or hard work.If you have these symptoms, get your blood pressure measured both while lying down and standing up.

Adopt the upright position slowly in stages. Use of elastic stocking or abdominal binders will alleviate the symptoms. Especially while getting up from bed, avoid jerking movement - take a deep  breath and slowly move to a sitting position; wait for a few seconds and then slowly make an effort to stand on your feet.
You can also use more salt in your diet and take a lot of hot and cold drinks. If not relieved of the symptoms, consult a physician who may advise you to take mineral corticoid drugs.

Low blood pressure can affect all age groups irrespective of their body types too - whether you are young, middle-aged, slim or fat, persistent low blood pressure (systolic pressure below 100 mm Hg) can affect anyone. Some possible causes:
* Dehydration
* People suffering from malnutrition or chronic diarrhoea.
* Women who are on crash diets, or are not eating balanced meals.
* Women who are lazy and lead a sedentary lifestyle devoid of any form of  exercise.
* Women suffering from anaemia
* Pregnant women
* Medications - Certain heart medications and medications taken by people suffering from High B.P.

In some people suffering from this low blood pressure,  symptoms are not at all obvious and  it is detected only at the time of medical checkup.

Low Blood Pressure symptoms may increase after meals, after a warm bath, in moist heat, excessive humidity, after witnessing a frightful event, when fasting or even while doing household work.

To alleviate the symptoms caused by low blood pressure, one must try to avoid the aggravating factors. A balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals will help. Also one must eat lots of green leafy vegetables and a variety of fruits. Furthermore one must try and slightly up one's salt intake. Regular moderate exercise is a must to get rid of low blood pressure.

Now if you do exhibit symptoms like dizziness, fatigue and general lack of interest etc. don't just ignore these issues. Just go ahead and have your blood pressure measured in both standing and lying position. If you have low blood pressure, take precautions and measures to keep it at a normal level. It will make your life cheerful, energetic and full of life. Now some of the below mentioned home-remedies are supposed to help alleviate symptoms of with low blood pressure.

Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure
* Drink adequate water to avoid dehydration. Avoid alcohol and carbonated beverages.
* Soak around 100 grams of raisins (Kismis) in 200 grams of water overnight. Next morning on an empty stomach chew each of these raisins well and swallow them. Also drink the water in which the raisins were soaked. This remedy considerably helps in normalizing B.P.
* If a person has fainted due to low blood pressure, give 2 tsp of amla (gooseberry) juice mixed with 2 tsp of honey at regular intervals.
* Add a pinch of asafetida (hing) in a glass of buttermilk and have it after lunch if you have the problem of low blood pressure. Drinking buttermilk after lunch everyday is a good habit and particularly helpul in tackling B.P issues.
* Juice of raw beetroot twice a day will help. Beetroot is great for maintaining normal blood pressure levels.
* Moderate exercising also helps. Especially walking, cycling swimming will help. Avoid strenous exercises though.
*  Pranayam is excellent for those with abnormal B.P levels. Particulary Anulom-VilomBhramari are most helpful. Meditation is also a great way for regulating your blood pressure and calming your nerves.
(Guest Post by J.K.A)

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  1. There are some endocrine disorders that can cause low BP, but you would need to have blood tests through your physician to rule those out (TSH and cortisol levels at least)

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Add natural salt to your diet like celtic salt and inonic minerals

    Take mistletoe, hawthorn berries and tops, horse chestnut, ginger, ginkgo biloba. Capsicum
    Flower Pollen may also be useful in cases of low blood presuure - it is a useful natural remedy for all deficient conditions and is possibly the finest herb to nourish and supplement in existence
    These will take care of your low BP.

  3. Saipriya9:28 AM

    Seeing a chinese medicine herbalist is the best bet if you are interested in raising your hypertension with herbs.

  4. Saket9:28 AM

    Try Garlic, Ginger and more walks. Those generally improve circulation.

  5. Hardik9:29 AM

    My only thought is to put salt on everything. If you increase your sodium intake, it will increase fluid retention and increase your blood pressure.

    Folks who have high blood pressure are typically told to reduce their salt intake because it has this effect.

  6. karuna9:30 AM

    Drinking water keeps your body hydrated, therefore keeping your blood pressure maintained at a normal rate.

    Drink water.....8 glasses/day....and exercise

  7. Have a glass of tepid celery juice every morning for a couple of weeks, it cleans out the digestive tract which will naturally help lower your blood pressure.

    Take flax oil or fish oil

    Cut way down on fatty or processed foods

    I also had acupuncture, covered all of my bases

  8. hi....I came across your blog today.Its a neatly maintained. Loved the contents. I started blogging recently; would like you to visit it
    Thank you

  9. @Ray: Thanks for dropping by and also for the kind words about my blog! Will surely visit your blog!
    @Others: Thanks for your tips!


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