How Arthritis Can Impact Your Day to Day Life

Arthritis is a chronic disease that can severely affect the quality of life. This disease imposes limitations that badly affect daily life activities. Arthritis has a significant impact on your life whether you are at home or at work. Not only this, but this chronic disease can affect how you deal with your leisure activities and your social interactions. Arthritis can impact:

A Joint with Severe Osteoarthritis

Your Walking Ability Around 38% of the US population is suffering from this chronic disease and many have reported various activity limitations. Out of the 17 million population suffering from arthritis, 6 million have also reported severe limitations in walking. Arthritis causes joint pain, damage to weight-bearing joints (feet, ankles, knees, and hips), and swelling, which leads to mobility issues that affect the ability to walk, work, and tackle daily tasks.

Your Ability of Climbing Stairs Due to the physical limitations, people suffering from this chronic disease may find climbing stairs very problematic. Back pain, or damage in the joints of feet, ankle, knee, or hip restricts people from climbing stairs. For some people it becomes very challenging, while for the others it is impossible to shift their weight from one leg to the other to maneuver steps. People who use wheelchairs and walkers may also find stairs very problematic.

Your Ability to Kneel, Stoop, or Bend Many daily activities require some sort of stooping, bending, or kneeling. Arthritis causes joint pain that significantly affects the ability to efficiently move the lower body. This causes many problems for people suffering from arthritis to carry out their daily tasks effectively.

Your Grooming Everyone likes to groom themselves and look good. It is a very effortless task for men to maintain their good looks and keep up their trimmed moustaches and beards. Similarly, women effortlessly carry their nice hairdos and makeup and look their best. For people suffering from this chronic disease, even a simple task like brushing teeth can cause a lot of problem and pain. Therefore, grooming yourself while having arthritis is quite challenging.

Your Hygiene Arthritis can become an obstacle in maintaining your hygiene level. However, this shouldn’t be ignored. Even people with arthritis must take care of their cleanliness and hygiene. To ease the task of maintaining hygiene, many assistive devices available can help people with arthritis to stay clean.

There are grab bars, additional seating height, and longer handles for stability.
There are many other daily activities that can be greatly affected by arthritis and the pain caused by this disease. Reaching things and heights, cleaning and performing other household work, and even eating can be very painful because of this disease. A positive approach for living and adopting coping strategies to overcome arthritis limitations are essential.

As a healthcare worker, Andy has been confronted with people with reduced mobility. Through his articles and blog posts, Andy hopes to help people to improve their daily lives using daily living aids. When he is not blogging, Andy loves spending time with his family and friends.

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  1. Expert10:17 AM

    You can go to the gym. Exercise will actually help many arthritis symptoms. You will want to do exercises that involve a range of motions. Find as many different exercises for each muscle group that you can do without feeling like your bones hurt.You want as much variation as possible. Pick a set for each muscle group and switch them at least once per month.

  2. Gourish10:18 AM

    proteins helpS in treatment of osteo-arthrities


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