Don't drink Green Tea with Milk & Green Tea Face Mask

It's so sad that most superfoods touted as healthy and nutritious aren't pleasant-tasting, while fried and junk food are so delectable that everyone loves to gorge on them.  Green tea, a beverage of choice of most-health conscious people is no exception and tastes awful. I mostly drink it because it has immense health benefits. To enhance its taste, and well, make it more potable, you might want to add a little milk and sugar to it. After all, as a nation of tea-drinkers, for most Indians drinking tea without milk is unthinkable.

junk food
Junk food looks enticing and is so delectable
Green tea leaves However, it's not a good idea to add milk/ powdered milk to green tea or even black tea for that matter. Why? As per a German study, if you add milk to your tea, the milk protein, casein, binds polyphenols called catechins ,the antioxidant compounds found in tea  making them unavailable to the body. So to get the full benefit of antioxidants in green tea, it's better to consume green tea without milk. Nonetheless if you can't do without milk in your tea, some say that soy milk is a better option as it contains lecithin, instead of casein and lecithin has a molecular structure that's quite different from casien and is highly unlikely to bind tea catechins the way casein does. Do check out these links where you can learn how to brew excellent green tea.

Green tea

Green Tea Face Mask with Milk for soft, radiant skin
image So what if you cannot use milk in your green tea beverage, you can definitely use it in a face mask for a moisturized, soft skin. Now, most green tea masks available in stores come with a hefty price tag and some even contain harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. Therefore it's a better idea to make your own green tea mask at home with ingredients from your kitchen which will not only be gentle on your skin but will deliver the same results as any super-expensive store-bought mask. Now I have oily to combination skin that tends to be on the drier side in winters. I've used this homemade green tea mask many times and each time, I have found that it leaves my skin nourished with a soft, radiant glow. I especially recommend it for all skin types during winters.

Green tea with its powerful antioxidants and flavanoids is soothing and beneficial to the skin while milk and it's  byproducts like buttermilk and malai (milk-cream) are wonderful, inexpensive beauty aids from the kitchen that nourish the skin. Milk has lactic acid, that is a mild exfoliant and milk not only moisturizes but also helps in lightening and brightening the complexion. Honey is another great home beauty aid and a natural skin softener while almond oil benefits parched winter skin tremendously.

Green tea Powder - 2-3 tbsp
Honey - 1-2 tsp
Almond oil - 1 tsp
Milk Cream (Malai) - 1-2 tsp
Milk - 3-4 tbsp

Mix all the ingredients to a pasty consistency. Add more milk if necessary. To a cleansed face, apply this mixture and let it stay for 15-20 minutes. Then wash off with lukewarm water followed by a splash of cold water to reveal glowing skin.

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  1. Philiph8:51 AM

    Yes it's true. Putting dairy products in teas, even creamers do actually neutralize all of the importance of the tea/s. I recently found that out and was quite bummed. Now, I am not sure if you were to put soy milk in it if it would do the same, as soy milk is not really dairy, but I do know for sure that real dairy milk does.

  2. Marlin8:56 AM

    The big study that says casein in milk binds to antioxidants came from a Berlin University study.

  3. Sugandha10:53 AM

    boil your green tea let it cool and mix with the white of the egg. Mix thought and apply to face after you have first washed you face and held a warm wash rag on you face. Keep the mask on until it dries and you can feel the skin feels tight. Then wash it off with warm water and blot your face dry, do not rub.

  4. Urmila10:54 AM

    I used:
    * 1 cooked carrot, mashed.
    * 1 green teabag, opened an soak contents in 1/2 teaspoon of water.
    * 1 tablespoon whole milk yogurt.
    your recipe sounds fine, but most tea masks involves honey and other variants too, like mashed fruits or vegetable of some sorts. Just doing tea and honey its bit a waste.

    remember not to let the bags out for too long, they absorb odor near by, and.. remember to do it while the tea pack wet or freeze them for later use.

  5. Tejashree5:52 PM

    Green tea's ingredient EGCG actually increases exercise capacity by allowing for greater utilization of fatty acids which server as a source of energy during intense workouts. Additionally, green tea can also lead to weight loss. Green tea consumption results in a 24-hour window of increased respiratory ability, which leads to better oxidation performance of the body.

  6. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Green tea raises your metabolism (the bodies way of burning calories) by a small amount, around 5%.
    It's best to drink it during the day when you are active.
    It's not just good for losing weight either;
    taken from WEBMD;
    Green Tea. This beverage deserves a category all its own in any article about foods for healthy skin. The skin-health properties in this beneficial drink just can't be beat.
    "It has anti-inflammatory properties, and it's protective to the cell membrane. It may even help prevent or reduce the risk of skin cancer".

    Indeed, a study published recently in the Archives of Dermatology shows that whether taken orally or applied to the skin, green tea can reduce the risk of damage from ultraviolet light (such as the burning rays of the sun), and thus reduce the risk of skin cancer.
    Heller adds that the polyphenols in green tea have anti-inflammatory properties that may also be beneficial to skin health overall.

  7. Tejashree5:55 PM

    Green tea's ingredient EGCG actually increases exercise capacity by allowing for greater utilization of fatty acids which server as a source of energy during intense workouts. Additionally, green tea can also lead to weight loss. Green tea consumption results in a 24-hour window of increased respiratory ability, which leads to better oxidation performance of the body.

  8. Surya5:55 PM

    Green tea has lots of benefits for health and weight loss. You should drink 2-3 cups of green tea each day to improve your health and support your weight loss

  9. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Green tea is known to burn fat and fasten ur metabolic rate, well thats y u burn fat faster....... On oprah, she had a doctor over, and he said that if some1 can drink 3litres of green tea every for a month u can lose up to 10kgs thats like 15LBS. but its impossible, but he said if u drink 3 to 6 tea cups a day, u can lose bout 7pounds in 2weeks, nyway, look.. i tried it b4 and i lose weight, and if ur eatign 500cals a day, u should lose atleast 12pounds in a month time span........ 500 cals is nothing, u burn atleast 300 just when ur sleepin, and ur left with 200, they can b burnt by green tea and crunches..... welll look, im not the kind of girls that say u should eat 1200cals a day, altho i know it healthier, but guess wat, all my friends did this srict diet, and they lost weight in just 3 months or 4 max, and they kept it off, bcuz u get used to eating little, and ur body gets used to consumin litte food too......go for it.. ull lose lots of weight wish u all the best

  10. Anonymous12:41 PM

    There have also been encouraging results from studies of green tea and certain kinds of cancer. It has many beneficial antioxidants, including the substances known as polyphenols, which protect the cells of your body from environmental toxins and also have anti-cancer properties. There was a particular research study conducted in China that showed positive results for a decreased risk for cancer of the esophagus with regular intake of green tea. Other types of cancer that may be helped by green tea include lung and stomach. Try to take a proactive approach by changing unhealthy lifestyle habits and just living as healthy as you can.

  11. Samira12:42 PM

    The benefits of green tea are enormous and powerful, and who knows what else will become known about it. This food is flexible because you can take it as capsule, other food alternatives, and of course drink the tea. If you take it regularly, you will enjoy more of the benefits.

  12. Green tea has a powerful type of antioxidant called catechins which support the immune system and lessen the damage done by free radicals, which are the causes of many diseases. The overall benefit is your liver is supported in its function of keeping the house clean, so to speak, and there's nothing but good about that.

  13. Yasmin9:49 AM

    there are positive signs that certain medical problems can be helped with this plant food. So, whether you want to drink it or take in capsule, you can do that and enjoy the benefits it has to offer. What's next is some information about several of the major positive contributions green tea can make in your life.

  14. Harshada9:32 AM

    Green tea components might inhibit growth of breast cancer cells & might heal scars faster.

  15. Green tea is a dieter’s best friend not only because of its fat-burning properties, but because it contains leptin as well. Epigallocatechin gallate, a substance found in green tea, stimulates the production of leptin, the hormone that ends your brain’s hunger signals. By drinking green tea, you effectively tell your brain to stop thinking that you’re hungry.

  16. Kundodari9:26 AM

    Green Tea Skin Toner
    1 teabag of green tea
    1/2 cup boiling water
    Let the tea bag steep for 2 to 3 minutes in the hot water. Remove the tea bag and let the water cool. Pour into an empty toner bottle or something similar with a small opening. Use with cotton pads like you would regular toner. If you wish to, you could also add a 3 or 4 drops of tea tree essential oil. Tea tree oil is a great antiseptic for pimples, while the oil helps to moisturize the skin.

  17. Suyog8:48 AM

    green tea is a natural product for the treatment of obesity. A cup of tea gives an emmediate energy lift without the side effects of caffeine.

  18. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Green tea works fine against swollen eyes. Either let two teabags cool and put them on your eyelids for about ten minutes. Or soak two small pieces of cloth with tea and do the same thing. Green tea can also be used for foot baths. Combine green tea, peppermint, bath salt and maybe some eucalyptus oil and voila! You’ve made your own foot bath product.

  19. Amruta8:29 AM

    I have to say that I have only drank green tea, I have never thought about using it for any other reason. This article was super enlightening, thanks so much!

  20. Meghana10:09 AM

    Green tea has mega antioxidants, so is good to reduce your risk of cancer. It's also supposed to help you lose weight. To that end, the Starbucks one probably won't help as much because of the sugar.
    It's also supposed to help regulate blood sugar, control blood pressure, reduce risk of high cholesterol, help the immune system, and many other things.

  21. Saroj8:52 AM

    Ginseng or green tea masks are great for soothing sensitive skin.

  22. Food Expert8:53 AM

    Green Tea Benefits-------
    Lowers Risk of Cancer
    Can Ease Pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Stabilizes Cholesterol Levels
    Boosts Immune System
    Helps You Lose Weight
    Reduces Tooth Decay
    Fights Allergies
    Reduces and Prevents Acne

  23. Gamgee8:55 AM

    I discovered green tea and all its awesome glory. Although I just drink the tea without anything in it… It still tastes good!

  24. Anonymous8:56 AM

    rheumatoid arthritis, i have that, and green tea really helps. if some of you, who, too suffer from this, sulfasalazinum does magic :)

  25. Bhanumati11:50 AM

    Green tea contains polyphenols that are powerful

  26. Since the benefits of green tea are quite popular, businessmen are quick to produce products which include this item. Profitable for them and at the same time, the benefits of green tea becomes available to many people.

  27. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Green tea is known to have a number of health benefits, including weight loss and even prevention of skin cancer. It is also helpful in cancer prevention and lowering cholesterol levels. Preventive effects of green tea against liver oxidative DNA damage and hepatotoxicity in rats treated with 2-nitropropane.

  28. void drinking boiling hot green tea, as boiling water can cause damage to the throat and esophagus, resulting in increased risk of developing cancer. Drinking tea in the traditional Asian Technique is very helpful and healthy.

  29. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Green tea is only proven to help with reducing inflammation, so if you've got inflammatory acne it's worth a try (try to drink it 2-3 x a day). Let the leftover tea bag cool and you can use it as a toner at night (i think it is actually better used topically because it reduces redness)


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