Twinkle Khanna’s Fashion Advice & Tips


Twinkle Khanna, actor and wife of superstar Akshay Kumar wasn’t quite known for her dress sense in her 20s. She would do with just two pairs of denims and a couple of white shirts and abhorred shopping for dresses. All that changed once she turned 30. She is now counted amongst one of the best dressed women.

Twinkle’s views on style:
“I don’t think that style is just about the clothes you wear; it’s about the way you live and your sense of aesthetics.”
Twinkle’s Fashion Advice to young women:
“Do not imitate a look or style of another individual. Know your body well, just maximize your assets and don’t worry about the rest.”
Twinkle on Accessories:
Twinkle believes accessories can make or break an outfit. “You can have a simple dress but it can look stunning with the right accessory”, she says. On her must-have list for every girl – A hair accessory, sunglasses, statement jewellery, clutch and stilettos.
Best Dressed Bollywood Movie Stars according to Twinkle:
“My husband, Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor”
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  1. Chidu1:21 PM

    fans love her girl y style and innocent charm.

  2. Twinkle designs for Akshay Kumar.

  3. Twinkle is my favorite actress, she looks great.


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