Ringing in the Holiday with Red. Make your lips mistle-toe ready.

Nothing completes the perfect holiday outfit like luscious red lips! Whether you are going to the office party or getting ready for a big New Year's bash, red lips will surely get you noticed this holiday season. Here are the top choices and tips for making your lips mistletoe-ready.

red lips

Tips for Red Lips

  • Because red is so dramatic, you'll want to stay away from bold eyeshadow and blush (otherwise you might end up looking a little clownish). Stick with barely-there gold and rose tones for your eyes, a hint of shimmer on your cheeks, and a volumizing mascara to pump up your lashes for a look that is perfectly classic.
  • Complement your natural features by choosing a red that flatters your complexion. For fair skin, stick to rosier reds. For darker skin, try out deeper burgundy reds or reddish-brown hues. These colors will bring out your natural beauty while still creating a dramatic effect.
  • Be careful of smudging. Also, be careful of getting it on your teeth or your clothes! Carry blotting tissues with you for damage control.
  • If you're planning on sporting red lips, you already have a flair for the dramatic. Now is the time to match your dramatic lips with a dramatic outfit. Nothing will complement your come-hither pout more than velvety black, satiny cream, forest green, or shimmery gold fabrics. Wear something that makes you look great and feel great—nothing like a holiday party to va-voom up your look!

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Top Five Red Lipsticks for the Holidays

  1. Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick Red Hot 519:

    This is the lipstick you want if you’re looking for that 1940's movie star look (think candy-apple red and pin-up bombshells.) For less than $11, you can’t pass up the opportunity to be a holiday pinup…right? Where to buy?

  2. L'Oreal Colour Riche Divine Wine:

    This lipstick's name speaks for itself. Like a divine wine, its deep burgundy color is rich and luscious. It's a luxurious steal at lless than $8 and can be purchased at drugstores everywhere or at Amazon.

  3. M.A.C Red Russian:

    Here's another classic shade. It's a dark red matte shade that Madonna wore during her Blonde Ambition tour in the 90s. It’s long-lasting and rich as they come. You'll find this lipstick at department stores for around $18.00.Also available at Amazon.

  4. Sisheido 'The Make-up Perfect Rouge' Lip Color:

    If you want to stand out in the crowd, the Shiseido is a great bet; it’s a bolder, more opaque formula that makes it a true red. It's sold at Sephora and department stores like Nordstrom. At less than $18.00, it’s one worthy splurge.Also available at Amazon.

  5. Chanel Rouge Allure 'Excessive':

    This 'excessive' classic is worth the excess! It's silky, a little sheer, and lightly scented. A bit more understated than the other lipsticks listed above, this is a color that pairs perfectly with any cocktail party. You can buy it online or at department stores like Nordstrom or Macy's for $30.00.A similar one can be found at Amazon also.

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