Makeup tip to hide blemishes, scars & hollows

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pimply facial skin with blemishes, scars and hollows For a big day out, when you have to look your best, you cannot expect traditional skin care products to instantly camouflage scars, blemishes and hollows ((Eww.. why don't I have flawless skin?) of your facial skin.

If you have blemishes, use a concealer before applying foundation.  Also avoid too much of powder on your pimples, or they'll attract attention.

woman doing makeup on blemished skin

To make your facial skin look better temporarily, Dr Schultz,  for a change, suggests using a makeup trick often used by professional makeup artists

To hide bumps and holes on your face, use a slightly darker shade of makeup (compared to the rest of your face) on bumps (high points), and use a slightly lighter shade of makeup (compared to the rest of your face) on holes and hollows. 

These tips work because areas that are darker than the surrounding ones appear depressed (i.e., lowers the appearance of a high point) and areas that are lighter than the surrounding area appear raised (i.e., elevates the appearance of low points).

(Guest Post by Dhanya)

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  1. Kalindi8:13 AM

    Use a good quality brand of concealer to cover the bad parts and then put a mineral foundation over the top.

  2. Kratika8:14 AM

    seriously use COLORSTAY foundation from revlon. THE best thing i ever did when it comes to makeup. it stays all day. and gives you a matte finish.and there are two kinds.

  3. Ananya8:15 AM

    I'm usually into more expensive brands of makeup-but cover girl has an AWESOME foundation that I use when I have hickeys(I'm slightly anemic and I bruise easily)-and they almost completely disappear. It's a liquid foundation called TRUblend and this is what I do (remember this is for my hickeys- but if your scars and blemishes are bad then it's all the same)
    first I apply a lot of the trublend-then the powered foundation that comes with it. then you'll need some bronzer or powdered foundation like bareminerals or sheer cover because it will make you look pale and you don't want to add another liquid over your face.

  4. Sampada8:22 AM

    Try Dermablend cover up (department store). It comes in a stick or a pot. Also Estee Lauder makes a killer foundation that covers very well-you can ask them the highest coverage at the store. I discovered Dermablend while looking for something to cover up freckles, and it worked beautifully!

  5. Diana8:23 AM

    Anything from Sephora is great.Whatever matches your skintone is good.And also minerals are better for your skin

  6. Makeup artist8:25 AM

    As a makeup artist, I would recommend a foundation primer and then a concealer for your problem areas and the liquid foundation. You can follow it with a sheer powder but that's really just preference. Here are some extra points...

    1) Make sure your foundation color matches from your face to your neck to ensure a more natural appearance.
    2) Use blush or bronzer to bring color back into your face after you've made it all one color with the foundation.
    3) Use a highlighter such as Benefit's High Beam. Dot it under your eyes and then over your cheek bones. Then pat with your finger tip until there is a nice highlighted pink hue.

  7. I recommend powder mineral makeup that would isnk in your skin instead of liquid foundation wear you might put too much in one place than the other then powder if u put too much on then it would look cakey.. I also recommend using a primer before foundation like smash-box light primer and then loose powder after foundation

  8. Nadira8:27 AM

    liquid foundation or mousse gives the most coverage.
    then press powder lightly over to set it.
    preferably choose oil free if you have bad skin.

  9. ALDILLA11:46 AM

    First, use foundation that match to your skin tone. Apply it gently and make sure it covers all your face area. Then apply the concealer in ihe same color with the foundation. Then use the mineral bronze powder in the cheek bone, nose, and chin. That's so simple and just take 15 minutes!

  10. Makeup Remover Almond or sesame oil on a cotton ball will do a great job of taking off makeup, including water-proof mascara!

  11. try rubbing pure vitimin e oil into area twise a day for 3 months , that should help clear most of it up. worked for me after getting moles removed

  12. Varadaraj10:06 AM

    if its an old scar, then I don't think there's a whole lot you can do about it.
    However if it's really that serious, and you really want to cover it up, say a glasgow smile scar, or something else really deep and bad, the only thing I could really think of is plastic surgery


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