Sand walking to exfoliate dead skin from your feet

The benefits of barefoot sand-walking are enormous. Walking on sand requires greater effort than on a hard surface and as such it burns more calories and helps one lose weight quickly and easily. But did you know that it’s also an excellent way to exfoliate dead skin from the feet? In fact, the sea beach where everyone loves to lounge around, is a massive pumice stone. Sand, being mildly abrasive, walking through it helps the skin on your feet exfoliate. Eliminating those dead layers of hardened skin helps calluses soften and heal. So ditch those sandals and discover the pleasures and advantages of sand-walking.

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  1. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Walking and running barefoot in the sand is great for the muscles in your feet and your calves, but be careful running on uneven surfaces can increase the risk of sprains, sprains, and tendonitis. Build your running time up slowly and wear supportive shoes. Remember, if your feet get hot, you can always cool off by walking on the wet sand, which is great for exfoliating the dead skin cells from your heels and preventing fissures.

  2. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Resist walking on the flat sand right at the water's edge and go for the dry sand. Ditch your shoes so you can really use your toes to grip the ground. Walking barefoot in the sand is not only great for the muscles in your feet and your calves, but because it's so much harder than walking on a flat surface, you'll burn more calories

  3. Sharad9:06 AM

    Walking bare foot actually uses muscles in a different way. When you are barefoot, don't forget you can go forward for about 100 steps then go backward for about 30-40 steps. You will experience a total leg workout by practicing this method.

  4. Gurudev9:12 AM

    walking on sand can increase your caloric output by as much as fifty percent compared to regular walking. That's because walking in the sand requires a greater effort than walking on a hard surface. Your muscles and tendons work harder as your foot moves around.

  5. Bhanupriya9:14 AM

    The best way to walk on sand is to slow down your pace, placing each foot carefully into the ground with each step

  6. Anonymous10:12 AM

    combining both the benefits from exercise and the natural outdoors gives a person a great feeling.
    Many of us focus on walking, running and exercise in general as a must-do chore. The great benefits that come from exercise (apart from lose weight, etc, etc) are not always the first thing to come to mind.

  7. Anonymous2:10 AM

    Just watch out for broken glass, broken shells, cigarette butts, jelly fish, crushed cans and other hazards...


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