Best of 2010

It's time to formally bid goodbye to the year 2010 and take a look at the roundup of some to the best articles/posts published so far this year!

 Best Posts of 2010

Budget Beauty Tips

Budget Beauty Tips
Budget Beauty Tips: Handy Haircare Hints
Budget Beauty: Make your shampoo last longer and a detangle trick
Skincare: Buy Smart and Simplify

Beauty Tips & Secrets

Keep hair healthy, shiny & black with these tips from Jamal Hammadi
Ease waxing pain with LMX-4, a topical anesthetic cream
Pop that pimple or go in for a cortisone injection
How to Camouflage Cellulite
Summer skin & hair care tips from Shahnaz Hussain
Avoiding the winter soap itch: Skin care tip
Organizing Your Beauty and Skincare Cabinet - Tips
Skincare and Makeup During Pregnancy - The Do's & Don'ts
Top 5 Beauty Must Haves for Every Woman's Purse
Beauty Secrets for People with Sensitive Skin
Makeup tip to hide blemishes, scars & hollows
The Proper Application of Self-Tanner: Not So Self-Evident & Fix a Botched Self Tan and avoid these Self-tanners
Remedy for itchy, irritated & burning underarms
Top 5 Beauty Tips for 2010
Tackle Monsoon Skin-care Woes with these tips from experts

Homemade Beauty Aids:

DIY Beauty Aids - Reader's Contribution
Urad Dal Homemade Beauty Recipes
Pomegranate Exfoliating Scrub
Homemade Hair Moisturizer
Organic Miracle Body Scrub
Homemade Hydrating Face Masks for Smooth Skin
Homemade hair packs: Reader's Contribution
DIY face masks for winter
DIY hair conditioners: Reader's Contribution

Hands and Nails

Nail Polish- culprit for irritated eyelids
 Is it cool to match nail polish on toes and fingers?


Holiday Grooming Guide
Correct Posture Gives you Grace
Grooming Tip - Wear a smile
Beauty and Grooming Prep for a Date
Minimal Skincare & Grooming Routine for men
Grace in Gait


Aromatherapy quick fix to relieve stress
Aromatherapy sleep pillows and pillow mists


Myth: Sunlight will dry out acne
Myth: Plucking gray hair makes multiple gray hairs to appear

Exercise & Fitness:

Shape up in 4 weeks
Dance your way to fitness

Beauty, Health, Makeup, Fitness and Grooming Secrets of Celebrities:

Amrita Arora's Kitchen Beauty Tips & Secrets
Deepika Padukone's Beauty Secrets
Riya Sen's beauty, health and fitness secrets
Simone Singh's Beauty Secrets
Shibani Kashyap's Fitness and Beauty Secrets
The Secret of Salma Hayek's Glowing Skin

Of Botox, Cosmetic surgery & Graceful Aging

Jaw contouring with Botox
Addicted to Botox?
Top 5 Celebrities that prove cosmetic surgery is a bad idea
Top 5 Celebrities that have Aged Gracefully

Body Piercing:

Navel (Belly-Button) Piercing

Other interesting articles:

The Hair Parting in Beauty Culture
Long hair more attractive?
Zodiac Beauty Profile Part - 1, Part - 2, Part - 3
Don't drink Green Tea with Milk & Green Tea Face Mask
Do women deal better with aging than men?
Face shapes according to Ayurveda
 Fashion & Style Tips
Style Tips: Reader's contribution
Style tip: Look slim in pants.
What to do when you are badly dressed
Avoid Visible Panty Line
Don't wear age-inappropriate clothes
Don't wear all accessories in one go
Fashion faux pas - When white's not so cool...
Shapers are saviours - Fashion Fix

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