Amrita Arora's Kitchen Beauty Tips & Secrets

Who doesn't envy Model/Actress/former MTV VJ Amrita Arora's gorgeous looks? This foxy beauty with fab hair and a wicked smile leaves no one standing when she shakes her groove thing.  However she doesn't rely only on high-end cosmetics to work their magic and loves to go natural whenever possible.

Amrita Arora 

She says: "Egg white, lime/lemon and honey make for a great face mask - the lime/lemon being a natural bleach helps with brightening dull skin while the honey, with its moisturizing capabilities imparts smoothness. Also yoghurt (curds), almond and honey makes for a good moisturizing pack. Sometimes I use a homemade face pack made with a paste of soaked almonds and raw milk and my face literally glows. Tomato is another wonderful kitchen beauty aid; rubbing tomato juice helps minimize the appearance of open pores. When it comes to my hair, nothing conditions and adds shine and lustre tike a flat beer rinse while a mixture of yoghurt and lemon juice rubbed over the scalp helps with dandruff problems."

Sensible kitchen beauty tips from Amrita, for sure! When pocket-friendly beauty aids are are readily available in your kitchen, why not go nature-friendly and make the best use of the cosmetic benefits of various fruits, veggies, pulses and the condiments. Be a homemade beauty!

(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. Very stylish Bollywood babes Amrita Arora got really stunning, curvy feet, wow!

  2. Expert2:24 PM

    Beauty Mantra: try to be vegetarian and fast twice a week.


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