What to do when you are badly dressed at a party

You are PMSing and experiencing terrible mood swings

Sure those fluctuating hormones are to blame; but the fact is that you aren't feeling too good and nothing seems to help you come of this crappy mood - it's as if you have lost total control over your feelings and moods. 

To add to the misery you have to attend an unavoidable party.  Now when you are feeling so low,  it obviously gets reflected in the way you dress.  

And sure, when you reach the party, you find yourself not-so-nicely turned out. What to do then? 

An easy way out is to  hang out with the bunch who all are dressed just as badly. After all, it  helps to know all types of people. By the way, if it's a theme party for which you want to be badly dressed, here are some useful tips.

Sonam Kapoor badly dressed Sushmita sen badly dressed
               Badly dressed Sonam Kapoor                                Badly dressed Sushmita Sen

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(Guest Post by Smitha)

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