Managing mood swings

One moment you find yourself irritable and down in the dumps for no rhyme or reason; the next moment you find yourself happy and boisterous. 

These emotional upheavals and mood swings which take you on a roller-coaster ride especially happen when you are dealing with change and pressure. 

Here are some of the solutions that might help you when you find yourself swinging from sadness to joy and manage stressful situations in daily life:

* Everyone goes through these mood swings during each and every stage of his/her life. So you are not alone. Even ancient books mention this

Talking to persons and close friends who are going through a similar experience might help. 

Bottling up your emotions will only aggravate the problem, instead, find a safe place and a trustworthy person to express and unburden yourself.

* Go out at least once per day and notice simple things such as the weather, scenery and so on. If you notice your mind racing or worrying about past or future, take a minute to take a deep breath and gently focus on something in the moment such as your breath, scenery or birds.

* Get creative, develop a hobby. Start writing a diary or a journal to help you organize and express your thoughts and make things more manageable. 

* Get enough sleep. Though this advice may sound cliché, it is the best and it works. Adequate rest is so very important, being fatigued can only lead to sadness and irritability.

* Exercise releases feel-good hormones called endorphins which helps control stress and elevates your mood. So exercise and de-stress yourself.

* Crying also helps you relax and makes you feel better. Read here.

* Finally remember that this is a passing phase and that time is the best healer.

Things could improve and you may soon be able to manage your emotions and feelings.

A counselor or a therapist’s help could be sought if the problem is very grave and if the situation gets out of hand and starts interfering with your dealings in daily life.

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  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Stay away from alcohol and ciggarettes and find time for yourself everyday to do something that makes you happy. also st john's wart will help. it's a herbal tablet you can buy in the supermarket. eat plenty of fruit and veges and go for a walk or excersies everyday to get your endorphans flowing

  2. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Just Do Some Meditation. Be calm. sit straight and Take Deep Breath in and Slowly Breath out....... Try This It surely Help You

  3. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Do not mix alcohol with your meds. It seems the depressive nature of alcohol is amplified exponentially....I don't know if this is just the nature of the condition or a reaction with the meds.

    It is very helpful to have some sort of calming activity/distraction. In our case, when I see her starting to go into a mood swing, we stop...take a few minutes to relax..and then I find (and enjoy for that matter) that a short massage/back-rub gives her a chance to relax and get it together. She has a 3 year old, so sometimes this is not an option (due to the need to take care of him.) However, we find the time.

    Try and find the small agitators in your life. With my girlfriend, when things pile up (bills, etc.) it is a recipe for disaster. When her house starts getting out of control (cleaning, etc.) the level of the problem, while minor to most of us, cascades out of control and turns into a major issue for her. Find ways to keep those areas under control. Live a simple life, free of unnecessary other words, live within your means, don't acquire things you don't need, live someplace you can manage (not too big a yard, too big a house), find out what you don't need, eliminate it, and save money (cable t.v., unneeded recreation items, etc.)

  4. Giridhar8:59 AM

    A healthy lifestyle along with plenty of sleep and relaxation will greatly improve any mood swings. Going for a brisk walk in fresh air or taking a nap when starting to feel moody can help prevent extreme mood swings.

  5. Anonymous9:00 AM

    A healthy diet is always a good foundation for both the mind and the body, and a lack of nutrients can cause emotions to become unstable. Changing blood-sugar levels can contributes to emotional highs and lows. The mineral chromium helps to regulate blood-sugar levels and control sugar cravings. Stress-related mood swings should be treated with B-vitamin supplements, which help support the nervous system. Lack of calcium or magnesium interferes with the transmission of nerve impulses, which increases edginess and irritability.

  6. Unknown10:21 AM

    Mood swings can also be caused by the pancreas; carrot juice contains natural insulin and stabilizes the pancreas. Many people may be able to control moods swings by minimizing the amount of sugar in their diets and by drinking two glasses of fresh carrot juice a day. Carrot juice is quite sweet, I recommend diluting four ounce of the juice with and equal amount of purified water.

  7. Guruji4:37 PM

    Mental health and physical energy are difficult to quantify, but virtually everyone who participates in yoga over a period of time reports a positive effect on outlook and energy level. Yogic stretching and breathing exercises have been seen to result in an invigorating effect on both mental and physical energy and improved mood.

  8. unknown8:58 AM

    Try exercising. It releases positive endorphins into your bloodstream and helps control your hormone fluctuations. Stretch, go for walks, dance, etc.

  9. Anonymous9:00 AM

    One of the best mood balance rs in the world is exercise. You should also cut down on caffeine and sugar. Green tea is healthy but you should not drink a lot of it. A cup or two a day is alright. Sushi is also fine to eat as long as it is one part of a balanced diet.
    Make sure that you are taking a good prenatal vitamin and that you are eating several small meals a day. Not eating for long periods of time can cause hypoglycemia and this can cause crankyness and moodswings

  10. Lalita9:50 AM

    A good diet is key. Staying away from refined sugar and caffeine has helped me along with daily exercise of some sort-try yoga-get a beginners DVD and follow along-it'll calm you, and even deep-breathing exercises work while I'm at work and under stress-try it. It works for me

  11. Manjula9:52 AM

    breath in and breath out and dont speak without thinking.....ignore things that get on ur nerves and just try to chill and relax

  12. Gopal9:41 AM

    Be active. Do whatever you feel like or if you don’t feel like doing anything. Do what you used to feel doing like during happier times. Make sure, you leave the house if you are alone.
    Share your feelings with someone; a friend, family, doctor, someone elder you respect, any body. It will definitely lift some burden off your chest and mind.

  13. Mukesh9:01 AM

    Try exercising. It releases positive endorphines into your bloodstream and helps control your hormone fluctuations. Stretch, go for walks, dance, etc.

  14. Food Expert1:55 PM

    Banana improves your mood Bananas contain tryptophan, which is a type of protein. This helps your body to produce serotonin a hormone that is known for its calming and mood enhancing proprieties.


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