Medicinal and cosmetic value of red sandalwood

Red sandalwood (Raktha Chandan) is a variety of sandalwood that differs in the most basic way. It’s red and it does not have fragrance. Though it is not as popular as the common variety of sandalwood nevertheless, its medicinal benefits cannot be ruled out.
red sandalwood

Here are some of the medicinal uses:
* To cure digestive problems, drink water which is stored in red sandalwood tumblers or cups. Consume two such cups of water a day.
* An ethanolic extract of the wood powder has been found to be effective in lowering blood sugar levels and hence is useful for diabetics.
* It is also found to be useful in lowering blood pressure and curing hypertension.
* It reduces nausea and vomiting, cures dysentery.
* External application helps in eases inflammations and provides relief in headaches and fevers.
* Also useful in menstrual problems like excessive bleeding.

Cosmetic benefits
Pound a piece of red sandal wood with water on a stone slab to extract its paste. Using this homemade paste as a face pack imparts a glow to one’s face and lightens scars caused by acne. Pure red sandalwood powder is widely used in paste-based face packs, face creams, shampoos and body lotions.

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  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    hi..where can i buy Red sandalwood?

  2. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Sandalwood is also known for its medicinal properties. The main medicinal properties of sandalwood reside in the oil.
    Sandalwood oil was used traditionally to treat skin diseases, acne, dysentery, gonorrhea, and a number of other conditions. The oil can also be used for bronchitis and for inflammation in mucous tissue. A decoction of the wood may be helpful for indigestion and fever and externally for skin problems, especially those of bacterial origin. Sandalwood has positive affects on the circulatory, digestive, respiratory and nervous systems. It relieves fever, thirst, burning sensation and stops sweating. It is good for fever or overexposure to the sun. Sandalwood is also good for most of inflammatory conditions and for cleansing the blood. Sandalwood helps the awakening of intelligence. It also aids in the transmutation of sexual energy. The oil or paste is useful for most infectious sores or ulcers if applied externally.

  3. Pavitra6:53 PM

    Rakta chandana is bitter and sweet in taste, pungent in the post digestive effect and has cold potency; it alleviates kapha and pitta doshas. It possesses heavy and dry attributes. It is believed to be bhutapidanasaka – averts the evil powers. It is cool, fragrant, beneficial to the eyes and sukra dhatu, and alleviates the toxins and purifies the blood. It is used in diseases like cough, vomiting, fever, hyperdipsia, helminthiasis, diseases of the blood and eye, wounds etc.

  4. Dhruva11:49 AM

    sandalwood is very good coolant.

  5. Naresh8:58 AM

    Red Sandal wood has calming and soothing effect. It can be used to reduce suntan...especially after you are exposed to harsh rays, make a paste of red sandal wood powder and apply, leave for 7-10 minutes and wash off.
    It helps in reducing the visibility of scars also.

  6. Deepa9:00 AM

    Sandal wood powder is useful for freshness of your face and it shows the new good look for your face. All of the human people likes that smell. But you choose the good brand. some low qualities made an allergy

  7. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Where can i buy red sandal wood, could not find answer to this comment above.....By Archana

  8. Hi Archana, if you stay in India, you can get it any shop. If you stay elsewhere, try to get it from Amazon. I have updated the post to include Amazon links to Red Sandalwood chips & powder.

  9. Kousalya10:01 AM

    Using red sandalwood powder for face is a good option for those who are allergic to the fragrance of regular sandalwood. Using this red sandalwood powder paste as a face pack will help you have a classy and glowing look. It also helps improve the complexion and helps in acne scar removal.

  10. Deeksha8:51 AM

    Mix neem powder, red sandalwood powder and curd in equal proportions. Apply the paste on the affected area.It removes pimples.

  11. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Useful for: Local inflammation ,skin, eye. Skin infections - furuncles

  12. Sandalwood oil was used to treat skin diseases, acne, dysentery, gonorrhea, and a number of other conditions.1 In Traditional Chinese Medicine, sandalwood oil is considered an excellent sedating agent.


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