Moisturizers to lubricate your skin

More than anything else, it is the moisture content which governs the skin’s softness, and elasticity and keeps it looking young. Cold, windy weather, low humidity, air-conditioning, and excessive exposure to the sun – all these factors can dry up the skin. Ageing also takes its toll on the skin and as one gets on in years moisture is lost at a faster rate than it can be replaced. This will be evident in the form of those tiny lines under the eyes and mouth. The problem hits you harder in drier climates.

How then do we combat this dryness? How could we prevent this loss of moisture from our skin? The solution lies in using moisturizers which keep our skin well lubricated and oiled – minus all those greasy films some cold creams live behind. Moisturizers are absorbed by the skin and erase out lines and dry crinkling of the face within weeks. Putting on a light, moisturizer will make make-up easier to apply and will reduce the risk of dragging the skin.

moisturizer for lubricating skin

Many sophisticated – and expensive – creams are not necessarily more effective than the simple ones using natural ingredients like oil or jojoba oil. Lanolin, with its exceptionally good water-absorbing qualities, avocado oil which has good skin penetration properties are good moisturizers.

Do-it-yourself moisturizers

Before moving on to the latest in the moisturizing mart, let us take a look at some simple and ready-to-make stuff that can make your face beautiful – smooth and glowing.

*Some beauty therapists recommend using elder flowers soaked for a day in water, with wax and borax added on to the solution, as a good moisturizer.

*Mixture of mineral, cod-liver and castor oils, with lecithin and glycerin, carrot oil, vitamins B2 and E added on, make up a moisturizer for dry, scaly skin.

* Tea decoction and cucumber juice in equal quantities is also a good homemade moisturizer.

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  1. Kirthy4:06 PM

    The very first tip is that one must cleanse his/her skin each and every day to ensure young looking skin. Washing your face two times a day will for sure enough for you.
    Avoid using the bar soaps that have very strong smell. The main reason behind this is that it tends to make the skin very much dry. Use water that is warm to loosen all the clogged pores and also all the dirt. Never scrub your face because scrubbing for sure can cause the skin to become irritated. Moisturizing regularly is really very good. Moisturizing helps in maintaining the natural levels of moisture of the skin by sealing the moisture in the skin. The biggest challenge is however to find out a moisturizer that will be perfect for your skin kind. The best way to test whether there is a need of moisturizer for your skin is just to wait for almost around twenty minutes after having bath.
    If your skin feels tight, this means that your skin needs a moisturizer and you must go to a nearby drug store and buy a very good moisturizer for you skin. And if your skin is already oily, then in this case you must not apply any moisturizer. This simply means that you do not need any moisturizer for your skin.

  2. Beauty expert8:59 AM

    Moisturizing ensures that the skin is smooth. The skin on the face gets dry easily because of the weather. Moisturizing helps in containing the natural moisture of the skin: With your fingertips dot moisturizing cream gently all over your face. Gently massage the cream into your face with your fingertips. Work gently around the eyes. Massage cream around the jaw line, chin and mouth with the middle finger of both hands.

  3. Radhika4:29 PM

    my dermatologist told me once that you must cleanse your face twice a day. but never more than twice.over cleansing strips the oil off your face which makes your skin secrets more oil.
    i hate using moisturizer too. but since its part of the routine. i apply very very lil. lol

  4. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Naturally occurring in the human body, HA production declines as we age. This contributes to the loss of moisture; the skin becomes thinner and less supple. The loss of HA may also impair the skin’s ability to repair itself and possibly affects the synthesis and deposition pattern of other skin matrix components. Hyaluronic Acid is found in all of our connective tissue. And recently, scientists have discovered that by supplementing it, our joints, hearts — and our skin — can benefit tremendously. “Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in the deeper layers of our skin (the dermis). It helps to keep skin smooth.There are a couple of natural ways to get HA into your diet. The first is from starchy root vegetables like yams, potatoes, carrots. The other way is to eat animal parts known to contain a lot of hyaluronic acid: bones and connective tissues. By boiling down fish and animal bones, joints, sinews and tendons, then adding a few root and other vegetables, you can create a healthy, nourishing soup

  5. Prathvi4:34 PM

    I recently read that one of the best and least expensive moisturizing creams for the face is petroleum jelly (Vaseline) with several vitamin E capsules added in. Mix all (kind of messy) and store in a different container. Haven't tried it yet, but I plan to when my Olay stuff runs out.

  6. Anonymous4:31 PM

    The skin's ability to stay hydrated is an important factor in its ability to maintain softness, suppleness and elasticity. As skin ages, or as it is exposed to environmental stresses and chemical agents, it loses this ability to retain water, becomes dry and appears wrinkled.

  7. Skincare expert4:38 PM

    The drier the skin and its environment, the richer should be the moisturizer.

  8. you should use a moisturizer after each time you cleanse your skin whether you are a man, woman, girl, or boy. Choose a moisturizer that meets the following requirements:- Is light, especially if you have oily skin. Is oil-free. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin you want one that is oil-free. Is non-pore blocking. Now a days reading labels will let you find those that don't block your pores. Fragrance free and color free may help your skin.

  9. Give your moisturizer ten minutes to sink in before putting on cosmetics.

  10. Vijayalashmi4:08 PM

    Moisturizer: smooth on a soft moisturizer according to your skin type. Apply the lotion all over the face and neck avoiding the area around the eyes. Apply an eye cream all around the eyes. This final stage will help in protecting your skin until your next facial

  11. If you would like to have a stronger moisturizing effect, you can add a bit of honey in the yogurt. If you would like to have a stronger anti-dullness effect, a bit of lemon together with the yogurt will do the trick.

  12. Shreyas10:24 AM

    Vaseline.Anti water creams try the chemist.Nutrimetics is great so is Dove.

  13. Aditi9:28 AM

    A quality moisturizer should never irritate or burn skin.

  14. Girish2:43 PM

    Olive oil is a great night time moisturizer. It softens your skin

  15. Bhairavi2:46 PM

    Cleansing and moisturizing is the best way that can help you to take care of your skin and of course you need to use cleanser and moisturizer.


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