Hand mask for your hands

Just as a face mask improves the skin of your face, a hand mask improves the color and texture of your hands and arms.

Make the following hand mask and apply it once a week.


3 tbsp gram flour (besan)
2 tsp malai (cream of milk) or oil
juice of ½ lemon
¼ th teaspoon turmeric powder
2 tsp of glycerin


Mix all the ingredients together and make a smooth paste, you may add a little water, if needed. Apply this mixture over your hands and arms and leave for about 15 minutes and then wash it off.

If your hands are deeply suntanned, use fresh milk which is a natural mild bleaching agent. Apply liberally over your hands and leave it overnight, washing with water the following morning.

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  1. Anonymous4:37 PM


    gud work. I was searching for some beauty tips and came across your blog.I used your tip and found it very effective.

  2. Sumati9:07 AM

    for soft hands, apply for 15 minutes a paste made out of a crushed potato with two spoonfuls of cold milk and two of honey.

  3. Heera9:01 AM

    it is only wise to prevent skin cracking instead of allowing the skin to crack and then run around trying out different dry cracked hands cures. You can do this by using kitchen rubber gloves every time you use dish cleaners. Avoid getting your hands from coming in direct contact from harsh detergents, etc. It's always better to use an effective physical barrier to protect your hands, rather than relying on creams that claim to protect your skin from damage. Avoid using drying soaps and hot air dryers in public restrooms. Keep your hands moisturized and avoid the pain of dry cracked hands.

  4. Joseph3:23 PM

    Use Cetaphil, it's a lotion sold at certain stores and Costco.

    they actually have a hand kit complete with creams, lotions, etc
    they have this one thing were you wear gloves filled with some lotion when you sleep o_o
    they have these at ralphs rite aid and such

  6. Expert8:38 AM

    Have you tried aloe? I find it to be quite effective when my skin gets dry. My hands often get especially dry in the wintertime, but after a few days of working in some aloe every once in a while it generally goes away. I prefer it over lotion since it's not as greasy and oily.
    Also, washing your hands frequently will dry out your skin. Try to avoid getting your hands wet and the likes, since when it evaporates it takes some of your skin's moisture as well.


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