Homemade Skin Tighteners for Sagging Skin : Reader's Contribution

20's was the time when you had smooth, supple skin. But once you are on the threshold of 30's, time slowly begins wreaking havoc and your facial skin shows the earliest signs of sagging. It's at this point of time that you need to use anti-aging skin care products more stringently, mostly if you had neglected skin care in your late twenties. It's not necessary to shell thousands of bucks on fancy sounding high-end products to look good, especially if you are managing everything  on a shoe-string budget. Home-remedies &  face masks with inexpensive ingredients from your kitchen and garden can do the job equally well. Recipes for these DIY beauty aids are also quick and simple to create at home. The below mentioned Homemade Skin Tightening  Masks have worked wonders on my skin. There's no reason, why it shouldn't work for you. Use these once in a week.

Homemade Skin Tightener Masks

woman sitting with face mask

Egg White Skin Tighteners

Egg white / yolk is a popular ingredient used in face masks. These simple face masks will leave your facial skin tightened, bright and firm.

Recipe #1
Blend all the ingredients and apply this mixture to your face & neck and relax for around 15 minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. This mask not only brightens your complexion but your facial skin will also feel firm and refreshed.

Recipe #2
  • Peach
  • Egg white
Peel and scramble a ripe peach and blend it with egg white to a pasty consistency. Apply this mixture to your face & neck and let it stay for 20 minutes. Peach contains AHA's that gently exfoliate the skin and unclog the pores; so it's a great anti-aging natural ingredient that stimulates skin renewal. Overall this mask makes your face feels nourished, tight and glowing.

Coconut oil as skin tightener

You all are quite familiar with health and beauty uses of virgin coconut oil. This particular recipe has been found to be quite effective for loose skin. Break 4- Vitamin-E capsules in a cupful of coconut oil and mix well. As soon as you get out of your bath, apply this oil on your face instead of a moisturizer. Avoid using this recipe if you have oily/greasy or acne-prone skin. You can also massage this oil regularly on your whole body and then take a bath in lukewarm water. This will nourish your skin and help maintain its flexibility and suppleness. Alternatively, you can use Mustard oil (Buy here) or Sesame oil (Buy here) for massage; both are excellent massage oils and do a world of good to your skin.
(Contributed by Anagha)

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  1. Anjana5:27 PM

    homemade face masks rejuvenate the skin giving sagging skin a bounce.
    Collagen injections last almost a yr.[the new kind] and he can have those injected in the rough spots.

  2. Suguna5:29 PM

    DON'T GO for chemical peel and lazer its for wrinkles and skin problems it wont help with sagging skin!!
    face lift is the only way to help sagging skin.
    go for Botox if you don't want surgery its fast and easy ull be done in 30 mins

  3. Santoshi5:31 PM

    Cocoa butter?it will if u use it constantly not just off and on

  4. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Are there any good remedies for sagging skin besides surgery?

  5. Duct tape, or time travel. Go with the duct tape. It actually exists, and can fix pretty much anything.

  6. Neena5:34 PM

    What is the best skin firming lotion or element for sagging skin?

  7. Smitha5:34 PM

    Nivea skin firming lotion does work! However you are going to need to exercise to firm up the rest.Dont get discouraged it will take some time.I am going through the same thing but I have been noticing changes occuring slowly! Good Luck!Also try to drink orange juice for the vitamin C,it helps firm skin.

  8. lotion isn't enough to tighten the skin.. if you want the best, i'd say "skin tuck".. my friend lost like 80 lbs and his skin was sagging.. (he had to go on a diet because his life was at stake) he says his doctor recommended the tummy tuck or skin tuck procedure.. its an operation.. if you're up for it.. ask your plastic surgeon

  9. Sugandha5:36 PM

    Nothing can be done for skin firming other than being well hydrated. all products on the market are not scientifically proven, if they were then there would be no need for a lot of plastic surgery!

  10. Ratnamala9:45 AM

    Vitamin K can lessen the look of aging lines on the skin by building up the skin around the lines or wrinkles, causing them to disappear. Vitamins K and E are also good for scars and stretch marks.When choosing an anti-wrinkle eye cream, skin cream, or wrinkle eraser, look for products with all of these vitamins combined for the best results.

  11. Naveena8:33 AM

    Coffee also helps in tightening the skin.

  12. Shrimati8:59 AM

    To change your skin into a brightful skin, mix sunflower oil with two tea spoons of milk and apply this mixture to the face gently and massage the face.

  13. Sharayu8:36 AM

    rub the core of a pineapple along our faces. Leave this on for about ten to fifteen minutes and you should see a huge difference in fine wrinkles! This is definitely one of the easiest and natural anti wrinkle remedies!

  14. Pranati8:38 AM

    Apply coconut oil directly to the flesh will make those wrinkles disappear in no time at all!

  15. Bhanupriya8:39 AM

    cut a few green seedless grapes in half and rub them on your face, you will definitely see a difference in your wrinkles!

  16. Dulari8:27 AM

    If you want to prevent aging and skin sagging, use a moisturizer with SPF 15. Don't use harsh chemicals on your skin. Keep your skin out of the sun whenever possible. Don't pull on your face.

  17. Savita8:59 AM

    Wrinkle - Minimizing Mask: Mix 1 tbsp honey with 30 ml of cabbage juice. Leave on 15 minutes and rinse well.Apply daily for keeping the wrinkles away.


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