Top 10 Makeup Trends This Fall

Fall is practically upon us. For some fatalists, it's the last chance to accomplish everything they wanted to do in life. After all, the Mayans have predicted that the end of times comes in December of this year. But the vast majority of women know that it won't be the end of the world…unless they go out in public with last season's makeup.

You don't want to be "that girl."

  "Oooh, child… the zombie look is SO last year!"
So pay attention: Here are the ten makeup trends for Fall 2012 that will shape the way you look as the temperatures drop and the leaves turn.
  1. Surprisingly natural faces. You'd think it was spring with all of the freshly contoured faces appearing in fashion shows. Glowing skin, nude tones, and dewy complexions were utilized to highlight the "au naturel" look.
  2. A touch of "weathering." Another option for your face is a hint of blush on your cheeks. Though skin that appears tainted by extreme cold, wind, or chapping is going overboard, a bit of rosy coloring (as if you've just finished skiing, hot-tubbing, or having sex) will be absolutely delightful.

  3. Really red lips. It's not the cherry shades you're used to; this fall's reds are darker and more pronounced. The chocolate undertones transform the hue to one which is a half-step away from the goth look.

  4. Geometric eyeliner. Geometry isn't just a troublesome math class anymore. It dictates how you put on your eyeliner. Look for symmetrically-straighter lines and boxy corners this autumn - and even a few dots that are placed strategically below the eye.

  5. Bold under-eyes. You can thank Kate Middleton for reigniting this trend. Fall looks are brimming with eyes that feature defined eyeliner underneath them. It's just enough to make your eyes pop.

  6. Multi-tone eyes. If you've always wanted to go a little crazy with your eyeshadow color, this is the season to do it. Deep blues and rich greens with hints of gold or silver mixed in will be the hot looks that are being worn in the club scene.

  7. Distinct eyebrows. Yes, this is a season where strongly-defined eyebrows are in. So you can look forward to feathering on the eyeshadows and pencils so that your arches are accentuated. A little bit of glitter is okay, too.

  8. "Sketchy" lashes. An interesting trend seen on the runway is eyelashes that bloom around the entire eye. This is achieved by using eyeshadow to sketch on simulated lashes on the outside and bottom of each eye. The lashes themselves should be voluptuous as well.

  9. Sultry browns. This fall, brown is the new black. Eyes rimmed with mocha, khaki, or similar hues help bring out every woman's smoky, smoldering side. And it fits perfectly with your fall colors in your wardrobe.
  10. Orange. Really? Really. Varying shades of orange eye makeup were seen in several fall collections including Donna Karan and Prada. So expect to see eyeshadow hues ranging from acid orange with pink hints to the warm autumnal orange more typical of fall. 

    "That's what I'M talkin' about!"

After running several background checks on Chris Martin, we have determined that he is a freelance writer who is well-informed about topics ranging from fashion to finance to food - but he knows nothing about farming, folk music, or fertilizer.
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