Top 5 Reasons to Plan a Girlfriend Spa Getaway

So, you and some of your girlfriends have been playing around with the idea of taking a group vacation.

The thing is, you all are having a hard time narrowing down just what kind of trip you should take. A cruise? A road trip?

Perhaps a flight to Las Vegas. Well, in the midst of all of your planning, why not consider going on a spa getaway, instead? If you're looking for some reasons why it could be a wonderful experience, here are five solid ones.

It's a great way to pamper yourself.  

The most obvious reason why a spa trip is a good idea is that it encourages women to do something that they are definitely deserving of: pampering. Just think about it.

When was the last time that you had a massage or a facial or a mani/pedi and definitely all in one sitting? If you want to take out some time for a little rest and relaxation, a spa is the place to do it.

The accommodations are usually second to none. 

Spas customarily make it a point to make their offices aesthetically-pleasing. That way, their clientele can feel comfortable and at ease.

However, when you book time at a spa resort, typically, both the spa and the rooms that you are staying in are wonderfully incomparable. A vacation is just that much more amazing when you have lots of things to do in the day while having a breathtaking room to lay your head down at night.

You can spend real quality time together. 

Sometimes vacations are filled with so many things to do, that you find yourself overlooking one of the most important parts of going on a group trip: the quality time that you can spend together.

However, on a spa getaway, the surroundings are both calm and peaceful, which are the ideal settings to catch up with your girlfriends while going for a walk along a trail or having a glass of wine on your balcony.

There tend to be discounts for group rates. 

Although spa trips aren't the most inexpensive vacations that you can take, if you book well enough in advance and you let the customer service agent know that you are coming as a group, there oftentimes are some great discount deals that you can get on your room, the available spa services and perhaps even additional featured amenities like a premier limousine to take you to and from the resort or discounted tickets on feature events in the area.

You leave feeling rejuvenated. 

You have probably taken some group vacation trips that ended up being a lot of fun, but honestly, you came home feeling like you need a vacation from the vacation. This isn't the case when you partake in a spa getaway.

You find yourself getting plenty of pampering, plenty of time with your friends and also plenty of rest. It's the perfect way to restore and refuel until your next trip, whether it's with the girls (again) or alone.

(Guest Post by Carol)

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