How to Dress for Your Body Type

So, before we even get into all of this, let's all make it a point to come to one highly-relevant conclusion: We're all beautiful. 
Our size doesn't matter, our height doesn't matter and our age and color, they certainly do not matter. Therefore, this article is not about feeling bad about the body type that you do have. 
It's about learning more about your physique so that you can adorn yourself in ways that are truly complementary.

Therefore, we are about to explore some of the body types that define a variety of women, along with what can be worn in order to put your best foot (and everything that's connected to it) forward. 
Ways that will make you simply unforgettable, not matter what your type.


If you are a woman whose bust and hip measurements are similar, while your inches in the waist are distinctively smaller, you probably fall into this category. 
You are definitely the kind of woman who can pull off fitted dresses, clingy fabrics and straight-flared pants and skirts; however, what you can do without is baggy clothes, high necklines (unless you have a small bust) and pleated skirts. 
All of these hide your "Jessica Rabbit" silhouette and you unquestionably have the admired figure that should want to (tastefully) show it off.


A woman with a pear-shape is a woman who traditionally has a narrow bust-line and shoulders, while having full thighs and bottom (usually one that is distinctively round; the kind that a lot of celebrities are paying big time money to get, by the way). 
Short-sleeved tops, straight and slightly-flared skirts, low-rise and/or bootleg pants are all clothes that bring out the best in your figure. Things that work against you include design lines that go past your hip line, pleated pants and tapered skirts. 
When it comes to the accessorize that you should put on, try wearing less belts and more bulky necklaces so that the attention can be moved from your hips and up to your neckline and face.


Although a lot of women who have a rectangle shape are generally pretty straight (meaning the same bust and hip size with very little waist definition and sometimes a flat backside), the truth of the matter is that this body type defines a lot of high-end models. 
So, if this is you, you're actually in pretty good company. You need to make sure to purchase fitted clothing (things like custom hoodies simply will not do), short sleeves, A-line shirts, sleeveless dresses and pants that are straight and/or flat-fronted. Do not wear clingy clothes, low necklines, narrow skirts or baggy pants.


Are you an apple woman? This would be someone who appears round due to an undefined waist, a round stomach, wide hips and full upper thighs. 
If this is you, there's nothing to be uncomfortable about. Apples are pretty sweet, remember? All you need to do is put on the right kind of "wrapping paper" to such a gift. 
One of the main things for you to remember is that foundation (the right bra and other forms of support) are key. Tops and bottoms that are similar in color, low necklines, un-tucked tops and plenty of jewelry are great items for you. 
So are straight skirts that are slightly flared and straight flat-fronted pants. Try and stay away from fitted clothes, belts, large patterns and pleats, though. They all work against your figure in a pretty major way.

Inverted triangle. 

Finally, there's the inverted triangle. If you're someone who has a large bust, narrow hips, a well-defined waist, long legs and not the roundest of behinds, then it's that fabulous bust-line and long legs that you need to play up. 
Wear flowing fabrics, set-in sleeves, dresses that flow through your waistline, A-line skirts and flared pants. Avoid fabrics that are stiff or bulky, big collars, tapered pants or skirts and designs that put a direct emphasis on your shoulders. 
"Legs for days" is a high compliment to receive, so dress in a way that will earn just as many as your heart desires!

(Guest Post by Carol)

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  1. if u r bigger u dont want to wear huge clothes or smaller ones so u should where fitted jeans with a loose fitting shirt

  2. Try it out with a good corset. It will help you to look good and slim. Don’t worry about your figure. It's not a big issue.


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