How Celebrities keep their beauty and health

When looking at celebrities, even with their sometimes over the top lifestyle, they seem to keep their looks and health and every year look even more beautiful and younger. Some seem to even defy the laws of nature and look good well into their older years. This can be attributed to a lot of reasons, not just tricky camera angles either.
One easy way that celebrities keep their beauty and health is time. Of course, they are busy people but not having a 9-5 job makes life easier. This allows them to spend more time at the gym or on the running track than the average person. Not only time, but money of course helps. When you can afford the best personal trainers and nutritionist, it is easy to defy time. Not only that, but if all else fails, many celebrities get liposuction, which sucks the fat out of a body. This can be a quick way to lose multiple pounds of fat in an afternoon. Even better now is laser liposuction which is much less invasive than traditional liposuction and uses a layer to open fat cells and the liquid is taken out through tubes. So celebrities don’t have to spend precious time healing for weeks they can have laser liposuction and be recovered within days looking thinner and healthier.

Not only that, but celebrities generally don’t suffer with everyday stresses. Celebrities normally do not have to do day to day activities that cause stress. From walking their dog, to driving in traffic and trying to pay the gas bill. Stress certainly age’s people quickly and shows in the face of many ’normal’ people. Also, having lots of money makes life much easier to avoid certain stress.

Of course, many celebrities take the less natural route. Even at young ages, many of them use facial fillers, Botox and many other facial procedures. This can help the skin look young and much fresher. Other celebrities go even deeper and get more invasive surgery. Including nose jobs, and of course the ever popular boob job.

Men are not immune from this too as they have a lot of procedures to look young and attractive as well. Not only that, but many famous actors even take testosterone to keep their vibrancy and their muscles. Sometimes they do take it overboard though and it looks very unnatural.

In the end, it seems many celebrities are just following the trend of others, and playing a game of one-upsmanship. This has crept into real life, where in major metropolitan areas a lot of people replicate these behaviours and ideas. Many young people strive to look like their favourite celebrities and therefore have breast implants, nose jobs and Botox; there is also the pressure of the media and society to look a certain way. More and more people are thinking about having cosmetic surgery, especially young people.

Catherine is a freelance writer and writes about all different kinds of subjects from beauty and health, to finance and lifestyle articles.

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