5 Home Remedies To Tackle The Most Common Beauty Problems

When you step out of your home you want to look and smell your best. However, there are a number of beauty problems out there that can prevent you from looking and smelling your best. In this article I will introduce you to 5 great home remedies that can stop the most embarrassing beauty problems you may experience.

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Homemade Paste to Reduce Facial Hair
 People who have a problem with excessive facial hair don't have to spend money on expensive waxing at a beauty shop. Instead, to fight off excessive hair growth you can make a homemade paste made to reduce the amount of hair that grows in a certain area.

To help prevent hair growth you can create a paste using sugar, juice of a lemon, and water. Combine equal parts of each of these ingredients and mix until it forms a thick paste. Once the paste has been prepared all you have to do is apply it 1 or 2 times every week and wash it off once dry.

Homemade Henna For Dandruff If you are suffering from lice or dandruff in your hair one of the best home remedies you can use is henna. Henna is a herbal plant that is a native to India. You can purchase henna in various colors such as red and dark brown.

Dried henna leaves possess ingredients like tannic acid, lawsone, and gallic acid, which is what causes the dyeing effect. Even though henna is mainly used for hair dyeing purposes, you can also use it for dandruff by adding more ingredients like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil. This is why henna is an active ingredient in many of the leading dandruff shampoos.

To make your own homemade henna hair pack simply combine 4 teaspoons of lemon juice, 2 eggs, a teaspoon of fenugreek powder, and some water together. Fenugreek is a herb from the bean family that has bright yellow flowers. The seeds are what makes the fenugreek powder, which is used as a spice and also for a home remedy to treat various health problems. You can find fenugreek powder at your local health or grocery store.

Once you have all these ingredients together simply add it to some henna powder and mix it until it forms a thick paste. Apply the homemade henna hair pack to your hair and scalp and allow it to sit before washing it off after an hour.

Vinegar for head lice: If you have lice you can apply some apple cider vinegar to your scalp and then an hour later comb your hair using a lice comb. Once you are done removing the lice with the comb wash your hair with a herbal shampoo.

Once you dry your hair again add a little more vinegar to some water and use this to rinse your hair again. Comb your hair again using the lice comb. You will need to do this treatment procedure each day for at least 1 week or until your lice is gone.

Using Black Tea For Foot Odor If you take off your shoes and realize that your feet don't have the best odor you can use black tea to correct the problem. Tannic acid is an active ingredient in black tea that will help keep your foot from sweating and producing odor.

Head to your local health store and purchase 5 bags of black tea and brew them in one quart of boiling water. Remove the bags and then allow the tea to cool. Once soak your feet and toes in the cold tea bath for at least 20 minutes.

In order to keep the odor away for good you'll need to soak your feet in the tea bath one time each day for 1 week. Other home remedies you can utilize for foot odor include dusting your feet with cornstarch and washing your feet daily with antibacterial soap. Try to wear sandals if you can and only wear cotton socks if you have to.

Almond Oil to Nourish Dull Nails If you want to have healthy nails and you can't afford a manicure at your local nail shop you can use almond oil. Almond oil has great essential nutrients and vitamins that can act as a moisturizer for dry hands and brittle nails.

Vitamin A is the component in almond oil that rejuvenates nails and skin. Simply soak your fingertips and hands in warm almond oil to bring back the youthfulness to your nails. You can also use the almond oil by massaging it into your hands like lotion. Almond oil is much less greasy than other natural oils which makes it great for hydrating dry skin and keeping nails healthy.

Using Rose Water to Improve Your Skin Tone If you are somebody that wants to add some radiance to your skin you can try using rose water to get the glow you're looking for. Rose water and rose oil has been utilized for the longest in beauty products like skin ointments.

These days rose water is used more for aromatherapy products but it can still be used as an excellent home remedy to treat irritated, dry, aging skin. You can either use rose water as a skin toner by applying it directly to your skin or adding it to your bath water and soaking in it.

However, just make sure you avoid the synthetic rosewater because it doesn't possess the necessary ingredients to be an effective skin toner. The rosewater you need is natural rose water made from real rose petals. You can also use cotton pads to apply rosewater directly to your skin.

With these 5 home remedies you can solve most of the common beauty problems out there. With whatever home remedy you use make sure you use it on a regular basis to experience the full effect.

John is trained in herbal medicine and alternative medicine. He is currently doing some research on home remedies that can cure a yeast infection

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