A Helmet To Fight The Signs Of Aging? What About Gulping Air?

Weird as this might seem, but a Japanese company has developed a helmet that is supposed to reduce the signs of aging and even turn the clock back on those wrinkles and dark spots. This company has developed a helmet that is not only supposed to take care of the lines and wrinkles but would also improve the complexion and elasticity of your facial skin.

The product called Face Supporter Mask has not yet been able to make a huge impact on the market, but maybe that's because we were expecting a new cream and not a headband. The advertisements on the website claim that you'll need to fork out hundreds and thousands of dollars to fight signs of aging - little bit of effective exercise can do that for you for less than half the price. This helmet actually comes with straps that you need to bind behind your ears when going to sleep. The contraption is going to stretch your skin and give you of a facial workout which in turn could reverse the signs of aging. Not exactly rocket science that we're talking about here, but according to researchers, this method might actually work.

In most of the cases, aging is related to irregular oxygen supply to the skin cells. A little bit of exercise can increase blood flow and promote the collagenization process. So, this might work after all. On a lighter note, this headgear uncannily looks like the stuff used by rugby players for protecting their heads.

The company website also seems to have very simple (and a bit weird though) solutions for reversing the signs of aging. Apart from the headgear, they are also advising patients to do an “open your mouth-close your mouth” exercise routine everyday for at least 10 minutes to keep your facial skin healthy. Of course, not all of us are eager to gulp air for 10 minutes a day just like that, but when it comes to keeping aging and bay, we are sure there wouldn't be a dearth of volunteers.

The company also has a couple of other contraptions that are supposed to be harmless alternatives for plastic surgery. They have silicone prongs that are to be pushed up your nostrils to push out your nose to a higher position and make it look firmer!

Now, you might wonder why all these contraptions, when you can actually have a picture perfect body just by dialing your neighborhood cosmetic surgeon? Well, what you are missing here is the truck load of side effects that those surgeries are going to give you as an unwanted bonus. The “good-old” methods are actually better (maybe a bit slower), but they are harmless and you don’t have to keep investing in follow-up visits to stay in shape.

This is guest post by Jessica, a beauty/aging writer who researches and writes for cosmetic surgery new jersey.

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