Top 5 Foods for Healthy, Beautiful Hair

Many people find ways to use food items to beautify their skin and hair through topical application. For example, eggs or mayonnaise may be used to add shine and create the lustrous locks you've been dreaming of, while avocado can add hydration and yogurt is said to strengthen your tresses (or at least make them super soft). And of course, you can use all kinds of oils (olive, coconut, etc.) to combat issues with a dry scalp and help to keep tresses soft, shiny, and manageable (although this is not a great idea for those who have problems with oily hair to begin with). You can even use lemon juice to lighten hair naturally. But you may not realize that the food you ingest can also have an impact on the state of your hair. So here are the top five edibles that will help you to have healthy locks from within.


1. Salmon. 

The omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon are recently renowned for helping to hydrate cells and improve brain function. However, they also offer benefits for your skin and hair, helping to keep your entire outer layer soft, strong, and elastic. A lack of this essential nutrient can make for hair that is dry and easily breakable. So adding it to your diet can definitely give your mane the lustrous quality you're looking for. And if you're not into eating things with faces, try flaxseed or walnuts, which also contain high levels of omega-3.

2. Beans. 

When it comes to making hair grow long and strong what you really need is protein. And while you can definitely get it from meat and other animal products, certain types of legumes and lentils can offer you the same benefits with fewer potentially negative byproducts (like unhealthy fats). Interestingly, beans are also known to contain biotin, a B-vitamin that can help to stop your hair from becoming dry and brittle. Eggs also contain both protein and biotin, making them another good option to consider.

3.Whole grains. 

You might not think about how many grains you eat on a daily basis, but most westerners consume tons of bread, pasta, and other forms or grain. However, very few people make the effort to ensure that whole grains are contained in these products. If you want to get the best benefits for your hair, grains that have not been subjected to too much processing contain the most nutrients, including zinc, an antioxidant that helps to prevent and repair damage caused by free radicals, as well as iron and a variety of vitamins from the B spectrum for added strength. And if you really want some extra bang for your buck, try quinoa, which also contains complete proteins.

4. Leafy greens. 

Dark green veggies like spinach and kale (just for example) are wonderful for your overall health because they contain a slew of vitamins (like A and C) and minerals (calcium, iron, etc.). For your skin and hair in particular, these elements aid in the production of sebum, an oil produced by the body that helps to condition your outer layer.

5. Carrots. 

The first step to ensuring healthy hair is to see to the state of your scalp. Carrots are chock full of vitamin A, which is great for your skin on the whole, scalp included. So check out,, or other cooking websites to find plenty of recipes that include this delicious and helpful veggie.

(Guest Post by Carol)

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