DIY Home Spa Day With Friends

Have you and some of your girlfriends been talking about taking a vacation, but your budgets indicate that your plans have to be put "on pause" for now? If so, that's OK.

One of the best things about friendship is that you can have a good time with one another whether it's miles away or up the street.

So, until you can take that dream trip together, why not compromise and create a spa day for you and your friends at home? It's fun, it's easy, and if you apply the following five tips below, it's also relatively inexpensive too.

Create the right kind of atmosphere

One of the best things about going to a high-end spa is that they provide the optimal kind of setting for pampering and relaxation.

This can include nice soft plump towels hung on the radiator to keep it warm, soothing music and a refreshing drink of your choice such as water with lemon and lime wedges in it. The list is endless so it depends on what makes you feel good and relaxed.

So, if you are going to host a spa day at your house, you can basically get all of the things that you need from a local dollar store including big plastic bowls (to soak your hands and feet or to steam), candles, hand lotions, pumice stones and bottles of water (or you can even get some mineral water from a grocery store and serve it in wine glasses).

Then stop by the grocery store to get some fruit like grapes and mangoes to serve, and as mentioned earlier play a bit of classic music in the background and you're all set!

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Stop and smell the roses.  

A classy touch to any spa experience is to create your own rose water. You can do this by purchasing some roses, pulling off the petals and then placing them into a pot of boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

Then you can remove the pot from the heat and cover it until the liquid cools.

Steep the liquid from the petals and refrigerate for a few moments and then add it to the basins for the ladies to have a fragrant hand and/or foot soak (You can even purchase a few more long-stem roses that you can hand to them with a little note about how much you appreciate their friendship!).

Although DIY rose water is fun, if you don't have the time and inclination for this indulgence you may try store bought ones such as this and this.


Make your own brown sugar scrub. 

Another nice touch for any spa experience is to exfoliate your hands, feet and even your legs. You can purchase store-bought exfoliating creams or scrubs or you can make your own.

A basic recipe for a homemade body scrub for each person is this - Mix 4 tablespoons of sugar or sea salt with 2 teaspoons of oil of your choice (olive oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil). This is excellent for sloughing off dead skin and improving texture and circulation. Add a maximum of 12 drops of essential oils for example 8 drops of orange and 4 Patchouli. Or 3 drops Spearmint, 5 drops Orange and 4 Lavender.
Or else you may also try your hand at DIY  brown sugar scrub recipes such as this.You can even make extras to put in mason jars to send home with your friends at the end of the day.


Blend a facial.  

An absolutely fabulous facial mask that will detoxify the skin while tightening your pores consists of honey, cold cream, strawberries, avocado, bananas and Aloe Vera gel (the amount of each product to make your recipe depends on how many guests you plan on having).

Simply put all of these things into a blender and in one minute, you will have created a homemade cream facial that will have everyone's skin glowing in under 20 minutes.


Before going in for a facial or applying a face mask, you may try steaming your faces, preferably herbal facial steam.

Fill bowls with boiling water (be careful not to spill it) and add the herbs, petals or essential oils of your choice. Place the bowls on a flat surface and each one of you drape a towel over your head and the bowl. Make sure your face is at least 12 inches away from the bowl to prevent scalding. Stay there for 5 minutes and splash your face with cold water to finish.

Paint each other's nails and toes. 

No matter what the age, one of the most fun things to do with girlfriends is to paint each other's nails. So, a couple of days before everyone arrives at your house, ask what their favorite color polish is so that you can run out and purchase miniature bottles.

Then, when everyone comes by, you can take turns painting each other's nails. There are even little tutorials that you can do like teaching them how to do water marble or Ombre nail art (there are how-to videos for these on YouTube).

Once everyone is "picture perfect", take a digital photo that all of your girlfriends can get a copy of and it will be almost like you all were at a five-star resort!

(Guest Post by Carol)

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