February 11, 2016

5 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Feel More Spa-Like

There are some days when you just wish to drop everything and spend a long weekend at the spa. What if you had the ability to regenerate and relax your body without leaving your premises? No it is not impossible; with only a few simple tricks, you can create a little spa resort right there in your bathroom. These are a few elements you need to consider when creating a soothing and relaxing spa-like ambient:

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1. Sight
The first element you should consider is the visual setting of your bathroom. The use of colour and illumination in the space can greatly contribute in creating a soothing ambient. This is why it is important to avoid vibrant and bright colours that could be quite distressing and focus on neutral and soft shades that will provide tranquillity. Coastal and earthy colour pallets are known to act quite relaxing on the mind. Neutrals colours are also a great choice. Another crucial factor is, of course, the illumination. Perhaps the best choice is dimmed lighting with installed controls, which enables you to set the appropriate brightness that will be suitable for you.

2. Scent
They key of a successful spa resort is to help you relax all of your senses. Your sense of scent greatly affects your mood and overall health. This is why great attention should be focused on aromatherapy in this modest spa. The best way to do this is adding scented candles or incense sticks. If you have the needed conditions, some plants and flowers can also make a great addition, both in the scent and visual department. What is important to keep in mind, is the ventilation system in the bathroom, especially if the space is quite small.

3. Sound
Another crucial factor for achieving that calming atmosphere is considering the sound in the space. This can be easily managed by creating a playlist of your favourite tunes or perhaps some soothing nature sounds, meditation music and putting them on your player, stereo or whatever you have available. The other solution, for those who enjoy complete silence after a long and tiring day, is to invest in some good isolation of the bathroom space. This will enable you to block away unwanted sounds of the outdoors and relax in your small glimpse of heaven undisturbed.

4. Taste
It is quite obvious that the ultimate goal here is indulging all of your senses, taste being one of them. Experts say that certain foods and beverages have alleviating properties and can greatly aid you in achieving your peace. One glass of red wine a day is known to contain substances that act quite nurturing towards the heart, blood vessel and arteries. Chocolate, especially dark one, stimulates the production of endorphins, the chemicals in the brain which are responsible for feelings of pleasure.

5. Touch
Last, but certainly not least, is the sense of touch, which is perhaps the most sensitive of all. Because of this, it is important to focus on creating such an ambient that will provide a soft and gentle surrounding. The first thing you should consider is the temperature of the room and the water of course. In order to avoid certain hot water problems, it is important to rely on professional services, claim plumbing experts from Chipping Norton. For maximum results, consider floor heating and towel heaters as well.

Only when you consider all the elements, you will be able to create a suitable environment for yourself. These few tricks will definitely help you create a spa-like resort that will aid both your body and mind in achieving total serenity.

(Contributed by Lana Hawkins)

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  1. First the right soothing music can melt away stress. Lighting the room with scented candles creates a relaxing atmosphere. Load your bathroom with body scrubs, moisturizing oils and scented bubble baths. A self-massager would be a nice bonus.

  2. Nidhi2:54 PM

    1] paint walls teal blue - the lights/beiges already there will look great
    2] add fluffy white towels
    3] silver [ chrome ] plain accessories - towel bars etc
    4] white, fat unscented or lightly scented candles = sink, tub
    5] music - calm, relaxing music

  3. Mithali2:56 PM

    .The best thing to do is use light colors and avoid clutter.Nice fixtures help dress it up and pedstal sinks add a good quality too


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