Your Head-to-Toe Guide to Natural Skin Care

If someone was to ask you do you take good care of your skin you would probably say yes since you tend to yourself regularly and your morning routine includes all the necessary hygienic rituals from brushing your teeth to rinsing your face to stylizing your hair. But what if we told you these rituals may actually aid your aging process more than they help you stay younger?

Cosmetics sold in most commercial stores are full of harmful ingredients which over a certain amount of time start showing negative effects on the skin (depigmentation, permanent stains or early wrinkles). This is why there is a growing trend of natural beauty products taking place in more homes every year. Let’s see why:

Coconut Oil of Life
We all enjoy a nice scalp massage while washing our hair with fizzy shampoos but we never stop and think what do all those complicated ingredients listed on the label actually do to us in the long run. Most hair conditioners and shampoos contain formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives which are supposed to prevent microbes from growing in water-based products or are known to have 1,4-dioxane – a contaminant created when common ingredients react to form the compound when mixed together. These ingredients cause more than just nasty dandruff, they have been linked to multiple types of cancer and organ toxicity. Instead, switch to organic skin care products which contain only natural ingredients and are based on coconut oil, for example.

Soothe Your Face
The skin is our largest organ and is constantly being exposed to changing external factors that we need to take into consideration. Simple cleansing is not the universal solution for skincare since the weather conditions affect us differently. During winter, our skin is more prone to drying and crackling, whatever our skin type may be. This is why we use more facial creams. During summer, we are exposed to the UV Sun-rays and tend to get sunburnt easily. This is why it is essential to use proper protection according to the seasons. This especially goes for people with sensitive skin or certain irritations. Look for products that contain maitake mushrooms, which help eliminate rosacea and redness, or ingredients like chamomile, oatmeal, aloe vera, licorice, and cucumber extracts which all have a soothing effect on skin.

Add a Little Aroma
Most of us seem to neglect the skin on our necks and yet it is one of the first parts of our body that shows early sings of aging. Our necks are quickly adorned by more than just necklaces and jewelry alike since our posture and the position that we sleep in cause the deep lines to show. Another huge factor in early skin aging is using perfumes or fragranced lotions all over our bodies. Many perfumes are based on alcohol and most body moisturizers are consisted of artificial fragrances masked under the name of essential oil blend or aroma. This leads not only to mild skin irritation, redness and irregular dryness but to severe damaging and in the long run may lead to cancer. Look for organic perfumes based on beeswax and scented only with natural oils like lavender, rose or tangerine oil.

Light on Your Feet
There is a common misconception that pedicures are reserved for ladies only and that summertime is the most appropriate occasion for getting our feet rejuvenated. However, most discomfort and even some serious health problems may result from inadequate care of feet. Besides wearing comfortable and anatomically fitting shoes, make sure you exfoliate your feet with a natural sugar scrub at least once a month in order to remove dead skin cells which could lead to painful conditions like the corns. When moisturizing your body, rub some jojoba oil onto your feet and wear soft socks so it would deeply hydrate and soften your skin.

There are many solutions to having healthier cosmetics in our daily routines. Be careful though when choosing natural or organic products as some companies try to label their products without proper testing and regulation. Homemade products are always a safe option but if you don’t have the time, ask for recommendation of the best organic beauty products.

(Contributed by Cristina Kask)

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  1. Raw honey works amazing because not only is it natural, but it has anti-bacterial properties that works just as good and probably better than any lab-made cream in the market. I Highly recommend honey facial masks.

  2. Seema3:27 PM

    Oatmeal mixed with natural honey smooths out the skin. You can also apply two drops of lemon juice to a dry pad to you face; its a cleanser.

  3. Deepa3:30 PM

    don't use non organic face products. They stop your skin of natural oils and make your face worse! It all a scam. In 16 and don't even use any products on my face I just wash it with warm water and an exfoliating cloth.

  4. This tutorial is great! Has really helped! You should do some more :)


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