Michael Wilkinson Discusses His Work On Batman V Superman Costumes

With so many things going on for Batman V Superman, Warner Bros. has taken time out to focus on the details of the costumes worn by DC’s Trinity. When the official suits released on several social media forums, it wasn’t clear enough for the fans to note down every detail made on the super suits, till they displayed it at various conventions including New York Comic Con.  The designer, Michael Wilkinson, shared some secrets that were woven by him into these suits.  He stated that it was his incredible 18-month experience working in the costume department. Michael Wilkinson also said that he and his team were obsessed with the process, noting every square inch to make them look incredible and took over a year to design each of the costumes.

Before designing the suits, he first researched the character’s looks from different comic books and games. He studied how Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman were portrayed over the last 75 years (Costume Jackets are available on Celebsclothing). He also worked on the latest materials that were never seen before and wanted to make these characters look more inspiring in a modern way for the fans to be impressed.

When it comes for the audience to look for anything shocking in the costumes, Michael Wilkinson worked on the Kryptonian writings on the outfits.  Zack Snyder generated the idea about the Kryptonian Script on Superman’s suit and wanted to add the Greek Script on Wonder Woman’s weapons. He found the Kryptonian quotes fascinating and agreed that it will totally deal well with the character.

In the designer’s point of view, the Batman suit will be a lot different. The fans already have in mind that it is similar to the one from The Dark Knight Returns. Ben Affleck when wore the suit on the first try, it fit him good, and he liked it so much that he felt dominant and intimidating. Ben Affleck stated that he asked if he could keep the suit. The producers said yes, only if he pays $100,000. Affleck changed his mind and asked if he could take a picture instead.  That was Ben Affleck’s high regards for the Bat-Suit.

While every outfit went smoothly, including Amy Adams being attached towards her winter apparels, there were difficulties faced by Jason Momoa regarding his Aquaman costume. It was hard for him to get out from it.

Michael Wilkinson was devoted to working on something that is high profile and filled with fantastic actors. There may be some possible chances for Michael to work on a project relating to the Justice League. So far, no news has been announced, but he’s definitely waiting for that chance to come. 

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