Guide Of Dos And Don'ts Of Winter Fashion

Winter season is here and has brought in the cold winds and a change in the wardrobe. In this season you do not have to end up looking like a drab instead with proper accessories and dress sense you can make the heads turn. This season invite the cold with warming up your closet. Here is a guide of dos and don’ts of winter fashion:


  • Invest in a nice winter coat. Ensure that it isn’t too long and the ideal length is just above the knees. The material should be light and easy and remember the colour also matters. Invest in neutral colours such as camel, beige and browns. Try to avoid winter white as this has gone out of fashion long time ago.
  • Wear those Bulky sweaters accompanied with a thin belt to emphasize your waist. Wear bold colours which are never out of fashion. Invest in a good pair of bold colours such as bright blues, yellows.
  • Dig out your black turtle necks. This is a perfect winter costume as it is stylish as well as serves the purpose.
  • Plaids are also in this season but remember no to dress up like a school girls. Choose more subtle colours than the regular blacks. Opt for khaki, ivory and camel.
  • Woollens such as scarfs and gloves are the best accessories that you can team. A lovely scarf around your neck adds glamour to your outfit. Remember no to over kill the style by opting unfavourable colours.
  • Make a statement with your boots. Yes ladies, here is your opportunity to flaunt the boots that accentuates the shape of your legs. Look out for prints as these are truly fabulous but avoid fur boots as they are a big NO this season.
  • Accessories are important to define your look. Animal prints are back in vogue. Pick your favourite print and dazzle the town. Choose big ear rings which add zing to your attire.
Guide Of Dos And Don'ts Of Winter Fashion
  • Don’t invest in colours such as white and never team it with red or you might become the next Mrs Claus.
  • Avoid bulky or puffy parkas
  • Hat is a must but do not opt for masculine fedora styles
  • Try the knits but do not end up with bulky ones
  • Blocks are in trend but some might look drab
  • Footwear matters hence avoid heels or platforms which aren’t ideal for extreme cold weathers
  • Sweaters with colour stripes are in but ghastly colour might just make you look like a clown
The above are a few dos and don’ts regarding winter fashion. You can look trendy without investing larger amounts. Proper selection and colours does the trick. You do not need a fashion stylist to help you make that diva style statement. It is always within you so just try to bring out your fun side and experiment with colours. A little colour will always make your grey days better. Hence choose wisely and do not forget to take care of the woollens. So dress smart and paint the town red this winter season.

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  1. fashion tips=)
    I like this year:
    Skinny Jeans
    Skinny Flare Jeans
    Cute Sweaters
    Dress Sweaters
    Chunke Is It i.e. bracelets,necklaces
    Long Beads of all colors...
    Big purses are really cute!

  2. Pranitha4:08 PM

    Wear a pretty fluffy winter jacket and don't forget the sneakers.

  3. Focus on the colors of winter: whites, grays, shimmer.

  4. Katrina3:08 PM

    tall boots, long cardigans, dark skinny jeans, loose sweaters are in style.

  5. dark red and plum clothes, makeup,acceries, anything
    peep toes
    wide legged jeans
    waist high jeans

  6. cute sweaters seem to be popular as well as uggs making a comeback this year


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