Diet Reviews: Seven Diet Mistakes That Make You Fat

People go on a diet in the hope of shedding their long-dreaded excess weight. However, not all diet attempts seem to go smoothly as planned. Somestrategies to lose weight only make dieters reap the opposite results. So if you are on a diet but you seem to be getting fatter by the minute, there must be some things you’re doing terribly wrong.
The following diet mistakes may be conventional, but these oversights are the reasons you are gaining weight rather than losing it for good.

1. Skipping Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You hear that quite a lot. So if you are avoiding breakfast because you’re afraid it makes you fat, think again. What mostly happens is that when you do skip your first meal of the day, it makes you think that you earn more calories in your next meals. Your hunger drives you to eat a lot at lunch and even at dinner, which you will not be able to burn later.

2. Wanting the Quickest Way Out
You feed your mind with diet reviews that attest to the quickestway to get those pounds out. Well, in the short term, that might be effective. However, because of your crash dieting, you may not be able to keep it up for the long term. What happens is that you find yourself craving for food and possibly even eating more afterwards.

3. Indulging on some Dipping
You think that since you’re eating that carrot stick, you can be entitled to some heavy dipping or dressing. No! Those high-calorie creams will mark the end of your weight loss goal. Settle for low-fat, low-calorie yogurt or salsas. Though not that tasty, it’s the healthy way to go.

4. Not Taking Snacks
You should take some healthy snacks throughout the day. Actually, eating several times a day will make you lose weight slowly than eating only twice or thrice daily. Why? It is because if you eat only two meals in a day, you can’t help but eat large portions to combat that hunger.

Actually, some effective diet programs confirm this. Medifast reviews, for instance, say that eating six times a day, in small portions, will make you shed weight more. That is what makes Medifast recipes so appealing because they are low-calorie, no-brainer meals that can keep you healthily full throughout the day. They slim you down, too.

5. Not Settling With Plain Coffee
Coffee is probably a staple drink for most people. It is great for your health, and will not get in the way to your fitness goal. That is, if you don’t add those teaspoons of sugar and extra whipped cream.

6. Not Drinking Enough Water
Drinking some water before and during your meal will make you take in fewer calories. Sometimes, even your hunger urges might actually just be thirst demands.

7. No Exercising, only Starving
A diet plan would not be effective without burning your calorie intake. The best way to burn is through physical exercise. However, you aretoo lazy to do anything physical. That’s why you think you can just cut weight through eating less or not eating at all and simply relying on those diet supplements. Wrong move.
Thus, to make your diet regime work rather than falter, beware of the preceding mistakes! You can do it.

Author Bio:
Julian Hooks is a former collegiate athlete as well as a health & fitness enthusiast who writes on topics such as diet reviews, exercise, general health, and nutrition for Diet Brand Reviews.

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  1. Expert3:13 PM

    When your glucose levels stay to high and then crash you will want to eat to get levels back up... eventually those eating times will get closer and closer causing you to get overweight.

  2. Bhavya3:14 PM

    the human body gets confused by artificial sweeteners [because they taste so similar], so the body starts to "believe" that all sweet-tasting things (whether from artificial sources or real sugar) have no calories, so again, you eat more than you perceive;

  3. Charu3:17 PM

    As the human body grows old, the balance between the fats and muscles revolutionize. After reaching the age of 25, people tend to lose as much as 5% of their muscles every decade. And if people will not try to maintain fitness, they will build up more fats than muscles.

  4. Christina3:18 PM

    That's an easy one, the biggest mistake anyone can make is to scrimp down on calories and do no exercise (this slows the metabolism and makes things more difficult)... Rather than just go for a healthy diet (correct calories) and start hitting the gym and doing cardio 3 times a week

  5. Durga3:19 PM

    The most common mistake "dieters" make is that they're always thinking about food, except when they binge...and then they don't think about what they;re eating.

  6. Niranjan2:36 PM

    underestimate calories in your food

  7. Radha2:37 PM

    Drink inadequate water. Water is necessary for most bodily processes including fat-burning, and becoming dehydrated often leads paradoxically to water retention, which will screw with your numbers.

  8. Chetana2:38 PM

    Skip meals. This also wreaks havoc with your metabolism, especially if you skip breakfast

  9. Expert2:38 PM

    Eliminate entire food groups or even specific foods that you really like. All macronutrients are necessary for healthy weight maintenance

  10. Bhairavi2:39 PM

    Eating junk food. Lacking exercise.


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