The changing gender roles and the rise of the unisex perfume

Gender roles are a flexible concept, they have been gradually changing over the years. That is why the people’s perception of what is considered ‘manly’ or ‘feminine’ have changed a lot. It would be impossible to imagine a female breadwinner even a century ago while it does not look surprising nowadays. Our lifestyles and habits have changed. Fashion styles have evolved as well: both men and women wear jeans, trousers and t-shirts. The unisex style of clothing is not surprising anymore.

Perfume industry is not an exception. Fragrances for males and females are still there, yet there might be fewer differences between the two.

Women Vs. Men

After all, who has an authority to decide which perfume is suitable for men and which for women? Unisex perfumes declare that the difference is not that dramatic as we used to think. It is about a scent not a concept that women should have fruity and flowery fragrances while men have heavier tones in their perfumes.

At the same time you should not forget that when a fragrance interacts with your skin the scent might change. It is a chemical reaction and has nothing to do with gender stereotypes.

A century ago there was no difference between fragrances; there were no gender distinction between them. All fragrances were ‘unisex’, even though this concept did not exist back then. People could combine their own scent based on personal preferences.

Great Unisex Perfumes In 1994 Calvin Klein introduced a first unisex perfume. A natural and fresh scent of CK One became a real sensation on the market. This light scent is still popular among both men and women. Later on a lot of other fragrance companies released their versions of unisex scents.

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Blanc Edition is a very floral scent that does not have a sporty taste. It is a combination of ylang-ylang, cedar wood and vetiver – a mixture of masculinity and femininity.

Burberry Brit is another great example of a unisex perfume. It contains some notes of nutmeg, wood, and gray musk and some floral scents.

Tom Ford is a pure unisex brand of perfumes. Its Violent Blonde fragrance combines violet and iris notes making it a perfect choice both for her and for him.

Most importantly, any perfume you chose should suit your personality and preferences. if you’re tired of traditional flowery perfumes for women and macho smells for men, then think out of the box and try some new scents. You might be surprised with the variety.

A classical woody-leather smell can be perfect for a successful business woman rather than a hipstery looking guy. At the same time a good combination of flower and wood notes would make a guy look charming. There is no clear line between genders anymore. What matters is your individuality and identity. If you feel comfortable wearing a scent that is not gender biased then you should chose unisex!

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