Home Remedies For Cracked Skin on Your Feet

Cracked skin on your feet can cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment. There is nothing fun about experiencing your feet itching, peeling, and cracking. You may also develop red and flaky patches and the heel of your feet will probably start to bleed. When your skin splits open it will be hard for you to walk or even stand without feeling pain. Most of the time cracked feet are caused by dry skin, especially during winters but can also be caused by certain conditions like diabetes or psoriasis.

woman worried about cracked skin on her heels


If you wish to prevent cracked skin on your feet follow some these simple tips:
  • Consume more water so your body doesn't get too dehydrated and your skin doesn't get too dry.

  • Use a good moisturizer cream on your feet on a regular. Make sure you moisturize your feet at least 3 times everyday.

  • Get a pedicure on a regular basis to keep your skin as smooth and moisturized.

  • Use a pumice stone or emery board to flake off thick skin so that you can smooth cracks out better. Do this at least two times everyday.

  • Cover your feet in petroleum jelly and then cover them with clean cotton socks. The petroleum jelly will help keep your feet moisturized throughout the entire day.

Home Remedies

before and after photos of cracked skin on feet which heals

Candle Wax & Mustard Oil

The combination of mustard oil and candle wax has proven to be a good way to treat cracked skin on the feet. For this home remedy to work you'll need to get paraffin wax. Melt about a cup of paraffin wax and then add a little mustard oil to it until it forms a paste.

Soak your cracked feet in warm water and scrub your feet with an emery board. After you are done scrubbing apply the paste to your cracked skin. Now place a clean pair of socks over your feet and follow this treatment every night before you go to bed. After about 2 weeks the wax and mustard oil should stop you from developing cracked heels. 


Mashing up a ripe banana and applying it to your cracked feet will help keep your feet moisturized. You will need to blend the banana up good so it turns into a thick and smooth pate. You can use a whisk or a food processor to mash up the banana pulp good.

Soak your feet in warm water for ten to fifteen minutes and then scrub them with a emery board. Now apply the mashed banana to your feet and allow it to sit for at least ten minutes. The banana pulp will penetrate your dry skin and help it regain a smooth texture. 

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Vegetable Oil 

If you do any kind of cooking then you know what vegetable oil is. Soak your feet in warm water and scrub them using an emery board or pumice stone. Once you're done scrubbing apply a good amount of vegetable oil to the cracked areas on your feet.

Put a clean pair of socks on and let the oil set in overnight so it removes the dead skin from your cracked skin. Make sure you do this at least 3 times every week so you get good results.

These are 3 most effective home remedies to remove cracked skin on your feet.

woman with cracked skin on her heels and soles
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So what do you do if you have developed cracked heels? What has worked for you? Do you try home remedies or do you use store bought creams to heal them? Do share in the comments.

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  1. Trisha3:04 PM

    Vaseline. Keep rubbing it in until the skin is shiny, then add some cream to stop them drying out again. Soak your feet in hot water every day. Wash them with soap. Dry them thoroughly, then set to with the Vaseline and cream.

  2. Sabita3:05 PM

    a pumice stone would certainly remove some of the tough, dead skin!

  3. Expert3:06 PM

    its due to lack of moisture in your heels that it cracks..
    apply banana it helps to fill cracked heels quicker also always keep the feet well moisturized and remove all the dead skin this will give you smooth feet.

  4. Prachi3:08 PM

    you can use gold-bond medicated foot cream. it provides moisture, and softens the foot. also useful, is a pumis stone. they scrape away dead skin on your feet. sometimes yogurt helps too.

  5. Tejashri3:00 PM

    Foot spa: Milk softens cracked feet and toes by removing dead skin cells, making it clean and moisturised.

    Use: Soak your feet in warm milk-water mixture for some time and relax. Rub the cracked area with pumice stone and dry with a towel. Get soft and clean feet.


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