Banana Hair Pack For Dry Hair

Just the other day, an over-ripe banana in my fruit-basket caught my attention. Since it didn't look good enough to eat (I don't like the taste of an over-ripe banana), I decided to whip up a DIY recipe for my hair. I had just returned from a place that had an extremely dry climate and all this had taken its toll on my tresses. So I was thinking of going in for a deep-conditioning hair treatment to rejuvenate my dried-up, dull & lifeless hair. To my thrifty self, a homemade hair pack appeared more viable than an expensive salon treatment. So I concocted an easy recipe with the minimum ingredients. Here's the  recipe:
ripe banana organic honey sweet almond oil
Mash the banana to a smooth paste; use a blender if you wish. Add honey and almond oil to the paste and blend again. Apply the resultant paste all over your scalp down to the ends of your hair. Now cover your head with a shower cap to generate the heat and heighten the conditioning effect. After 15-20 minutes wash your hair and rinse off thoroughly. Also you need not throw away the banana peel. If you like, you can even make use of it on your face as mentioned in this Jamaican Beauty Tip Post.

woman with hair mask shower cap

Bananas, high in water content, vitamins and minerals, honey being a humectant and a moisturizer (Honey's effect on hair is a debatable topic but for my hair it has worked great) and almond oil with all its goodness provided the much needed nourishment and moisture to my battered hair and revived them to a great extent.
Now I didn't stop with this hair-mask. After a couple of days, I also massaged my scalp with warm olive oil (Extra Virgin) and left it overnight only to wash it off with a herbal shampoo (Shikakai+Amla+Reetha). To impart lustre to my hair, I used an after-shampoo homemade hair rinse. I continued with this hot oil treatment after every two days. Only change that I made was I switched to different oils. Instead of olive oil, I used coconut oil and the next time around I used Sesame oil. (All these three oils suit my hair, so no issues there.) I could have also used this homemade aloe-oil, which not only has a moisturizing effect but also helps with split-ends but then I didn't have enough time to prepare this oil. After this self-treatment for more than a week, my hair was finally restored to its former glory.
(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. ol it's better than using fake crap like surgery to make yourself look 'better' though :) and it feels so good afterward
    power to nature!

  2. Sunidhi9:44 AM

    I just tried the honey, banana and apple mask yesterday!

  3. karuna9:45 AM

    cool. well I have an avocado & egg mask on my hair :]
    LOL. its natural

  4. Wow, I'm a try this! I'm sure my hair will thank me for this yummy regimen!


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