Keep Your Face Fresh for Events: Prevent Makeup Meltdown

Whether you're hitting the red carpet, celeb style, preparing for your wedding day, or simply heading to a daytime picnic in the middle of summer, you might be worried about the ongoing state of your makeup. When you are under hot lights, surrounded by a crush of bodies, battling the sweating that often comes with high stress, or trying to shun the sun, your makeup can become a telltale indicator that you're starting to feel the heat. And it can result in oily patches, smudging and smearing, and even outright running of makeup. So unless you want to look like Tammy Faye Baker after a crying jag, you need to take steps to keep your makeup in check (especially if there are cameras present). Here are just a few tips to help you look cool and controlled at any event.
  1. Prep your face. Your makeup routine needs to start long before you put on that first dab of concealer or swipe of blush, since every good paint job starts with a perfect palette. This means taking the time to find the products that are right for you, whether your skin is oily, dry, or combination. So see a dermatologist about securing a skin-care regimen that guarantees the flawless complexion you've always wanted, and then consider having a facial a few days before the event to clear up any issues brought on by stress.
  2. Use a primer. Makeup primers act as a barrier between your skin and your makeup, keeping products from being absorbed by your skin and stopping oils from leaking through. As a bonus, they often fill in fine lines and other imperfections so that makeup application is easier and the finish is more flawless. But the major benefit for big events is that a primer will keep makeup firmly in place for longer than normal.
  3. Oil-control products. If you've long battled oily skin then you are probably already aware of oil-control moisturizers, foundations, and powders of all sorts. But if you know you're going to be at an event where your body temp is likely to rise, even women with dry skin may want to get the 411 on these products. They're designed to soak up oil without sliding off your face, which makes them ideal for any event where you stand to get a little dewy.
  4. Don't touch! Remember that myth about greasy foods causing breakouts? This old wives tale is actually sort of true. But it's not the consumption of these foods that is harmful to your complexion; it is the fact that you get oils on your fingers and then touch your face. Even if you wash your hands frequently it's probably best to avoid touching your face (since your skin produces its own protective oils all the time). But if you use hand lotion or eat finger foods you need to be especially careful about touching as the oils on your hands could definitely counteract your hard work where your makeup is concerned.
  5. Blot and reapply. If you're starting to feel like you're surrounded by fire dancers San Diego-style (as in, you can't escape the heat), it behooves you to have a backup plan in place. So keep some oil-absorbing sheets in your purse (most drugstores sell packs of 50 for just a few bucks) and a bit of concealer and powder for reapplication. Even if the heat gets to you at your event you can pop in the powder room for a quick touchup with just a couple of staple items.
(Guest Post by Carol Montrose)

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  1. Expert9:55 AM

    Wash your face regularly, and for the moisturizer don't use any that are heavy on oils.

  2. keep it clean & apply moisturizer

  3. it all depends on you skin type, as sometimes there is nothing you can do, especially if you have a skin problem.

    If you have normal skin then its recommended to cleanse, tone, and moisturise everyday, and exfoliate up to twice a week. This should keep the skin looking flawless and fresh.

    If you have skin like mine which is like all skin types in one, its harder to keep undercontrol, as my skin is sensitive, I can use most cleasers or toners, and some soaps and exfoliators are too harsh for our skin to use anything. But as our skin is oily and dry in some areas its hard not to us anything as, if I get a break out then I will need to possibly use a medicated product which then irritates even more and makes the dry areas of my face even dryer and gives me a rash because I also have sensitive skin. most products for combination skin are down as normal/combination skin which I no good as I need one for sensitive combination skin.

    Dry skin is not too bad, as cleansing, toning everyday helps as well as exfoliating to get rid of dry skin cells.

    Oily skin is probably the worse to keep incontrol as oily skin is more likey to have skin problems like acne etc,, so the best thing to do then is to keep the skin its driest as possible, so cleansing, toning and moisturiseing just makes matter worse, so just resulting in water is the only way same for sensitive skin.

    But you may find that sometimes if you want to get into doing a skin care regime, as you think your skin could do with looking after, I would stop and rethink, if you skin is fine now as it is then keep doing what you are doing. As if you start using different products then you might ended up with break outs and everything.

    My skin used to great with just water and then I wanted to usd cleaners etc and it just make my skin worse, I got clinique 3 step range for my skin type and its the worse mys skin ever was.

  4. All that is really good for skin is water, and eating properly, I find some foods I eat give me bad skin. I would just make notes of when your skin looks the best and what you have eaten or done and keep to it


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