Homemade Hand Lotion with Manjistha & Almonds

The other day I was observing my domestic help. With flawless, dusky complexion, she was slim and svelte. It could have been her genes but then mopping, swabbing and walking without the use of any means of transport also did their bit in keeping her physique in top form. I then gazed at her hands. While her figure was something to be envied, her hands were a total wreck - they looked aged beyond years and completely worn-out.  All that years of toiling and contact with detergents and the like had taken their toll. Her hands were rock-hard with calluses and even affected with what is called as 'housewife's eczema' - the one that is caused by constant exposure of skin to water, detergents, bleaches & other house cleaning agents.
Now if you have carefully scrutinized the appearance of both your hands, you might have noticed that while your non-dominant hand (left if your right-handed and right if you are left-handed)  looks young and dainty, your dominant one has visible veins and is slightly more wrinkly with a hint of pigmentation on certain finger joints. And if you compare the palms you'll find that your dominant one is a bit more hard, rough and slightly cracked with one or two calluses. It's obvious that the hand that's put to more use gets aged aged sooner. Now not doing anything with the hands might suit this hand model and certain divas but for the lesser mortals, these tips and tricks, together with frequent moisturizing will help. BTW, you can count on this effective DIY Lotion to soften your cracked and wrinkly hands.

woman rubbing hands

Homemade Hand Lotion with Manjistha & Almonds for Cracked, Wrinkly and Rough Hands
You will need:
  • 35 g of Almond Powder (You can also grind almonds in a mixer-grinder to make powder or buy from here.)
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 8 g of Manjishta (Indian Maddar) root powder (you can procure this from any Ayurvedic pharmacy or buy from Amazon)
  • 1 tablespoon organic honey
  • 1 tablespoon pure aloe gel (Either get it from your home garden plant or buy from here
almonds and almond meal egg beaten
    Almonds & Almond Meal               1 Egg Beaten
manjistha root and powder organic honey aloe gel
Manjishta root & powder            Organic honey                 Aloe Gel 

Mix almond powder, beaten egg, manjistha powder, honey and aloe gel really well by stirring vigorously with a wooden spatula or with clean hands. You can store this in the fridge for up to a week.

An hour or two before you sleep and making sure that you have no other chores to do, apply this mixture all over your hands and on your palms. Then put on plastic gloves and let it stay for an hour or so. Later on wash your hands with cold water and go to sleep. Follow this regimen for a week and you will notice the difference.

soft hands
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  1. Durga3:08 PM

    I use Bag Balm. It's used by farmers to keep dairy cow's from becoming chapped in harsh cold weather. It' comes in a green square can and costs less than $5 at walmart. I swear by it. I use it all rear round.It's great on the feet too.

  2. karuna3:09 PM

    first you get about a teaspoon of salt. Then, add a little bit of olive oil and then scrub hands in all areas. Wash off all of the scrub and i promise you will have super soft hands!

  3. Bhargavi3:10 PM

    Simply use a few tablespoons of sugar and enough oil to dampen it. And use.

  4. Mandavi3:11 PM

    mix 2 parts sugar and one part milk together in a small bowl.
    note: refrigerate after using.

  5. Nandini3:11 PM

    Try sugar in olive oil. Anytime you need some make it fresh. It doesn't store very well.


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