Manicures That Make Your Engagement Ring Pop

Now that he’s popped the big question – mazel tov, kudos and congrats! You've got a beautiful ring and wonderful fiancĂ©! But, before the wedding planning starts, you have engagement pictures to take! 
Everyone knows engagement rings are the main focus of the photos, so why not make yours pop with the perfect manicure?

Believe it or not, your manicure can make a big difference in the way your engagement pictures turn out – you want your sparkly new engagement ring to be the center of attention!
Of course, your hair and your outfit are important, too. But, after all, no one’s really going to be focusing on your face or clothes – you want everyone’s eyes drawn straight to that ring.

Make your engagement ring pop by choosing the right manicure

Among the best:
  • Complementary colors
  • Classic French manicures
  • Designed or patterned nails
  • Glittery nails

Complement and Contrast  

Nail polish colors that complement your stone color really make the ring stand out. The easiest way to find a complementary color is by looking on a color wheel. Just find the color of your gemstone, and then determine which color is straight across from it – that’s its complement.

If you’ve got a green sapphire, try a bright red polish to create contrast. A blue sapphire will stand out best against orange tones. Purple gemstones contrast nicely with polishes that contain a golden cast. 

However, most engagement rings are clear diamonds; set these off with dark polish tones – like deep reds, dark plums, shady burgundies or brown-pinks -- that really make diamonds pop and sparkle.

Keep it Classy 

 Let’s face it: The French know what they’re doing when it comes to creating sophisticated style. For classy engagement photos, a traditional French manicure can’t be beat.

The contrast of the white tips against the healthy, glowing pink base creates a simple, clean and sophisticated look that sets off engagement rings perfectly.

Design Proof  

While of course you don’t want to overdo it by rocking long, ornately decorated talons complete with way too much detail, a subtle design with just a bit of sparkle can really set off an engagement ring.

There are lots of ways to add a kick with understated designs that incorporate a wee bit of glitz. 
Half moon manicures are essentially the opposite of a French manicure; instead of emphasizing the nail tips, the moons – those white half-circles – at the base of the nail are painted to stand out. Try metallic silver for a platinum or white gold ring, and metallic gold for a warm, yellow gold ring.



It’s all but scientifically proven: Girls love glitter, so what better way to make your new ring pop than with glittering, glamorous nails? Perfect for the young, daring and trendy, glittery shades add the perfect sparkle to your pictures.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Bieber-loving teeny bobber to sport the glitter. Today’s glitter polishes are much more sophisticated and subtle than the hot pink Wet ‘n Wild you used to glop on back in junior high.

No matter which manicure style you choose, your nails will highlight that gorgeous engagement ring for years to come.

(Guest Post by Ashley)

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  1. Thank you very much, I needed this. :)

  2. Kaivalya9:09 AM

    I just went to a March wedding, bridesmaids wore all chocolate-brown and the bride of course wore white. I took photographs there and looking back at the pictures both the bride and bridesmaids wore a red-brown nail polish. They really stood out in the pictures and blended well with the fall theme. It was a beautiful wedding and even though her dress was white, the dark nails looked good.

  3. This is such a nice colour, I'm definitely going to check out the makeup, I'm a big fan of their polishes already!

  4. Hi Everyone! I just got engaged Christmas Eve. My ring is a pinky-purple diamond on yellow gold. After reading on this site, I was wondering how to accentuate the pink of my ring. Any suggestions about nail polish colors/brands would be welcome! Thanks and happy new year!


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