Top 5 Makeup Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making

Here's the thing the interesting thing about cosmetics: While we customarily call what we put on our faces "makeup", if you're doing it right and well, made up is last thing that should be on a person's mind when they look at you. It was a wise person who once said that makeup is not so much about changing a person's look, but enhancing the natural beauty that they already have. In order for cosmetics to bring out the best in you, here are five common makeup mistakes to avoid.
makeup mistakes
Not "priming" your face. When we paint the walls in our homes, we tend to prime it first so that the paint will appear to be smooth and even. Our faces require a similar kind of attention. Before putting on any kind of cosmetic, make sure that your face is not just clean, but well moisturized. When your skin has a silky surface, your pores appear smaller, there is less caking and your makeup tends to have more of a "second skin" effect.

Building on the wrong foundation. Even if your skin is flawless, there are times when a sheer foundation can bring about a natural glow to your skin. However, if it's the wrong shade, it can age you. If you don't know your skin type, it can actually dry out your skin or cause it to break out. If it's not set with a translucent powder, it can fade in a couple of hours or worse, smear all over your clothes. There are actually a few drug store brands of foundation like Revlon and True Match that work fairly well; however, if you're shopping for a foundation that will complement your skin, it's best to go to a cosmetic counter at a department store to discuss what will be best for your skin's texture, your lifestyle and your budget.

Bad mascara. Dated eye shadow. We've all heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul. This is definitely something to keep in mind before purchasing mascara that is not waterproof or baby blue eye shadow. When selecting eye shadow palates, look for what will complement both your eyes and your skin tone; not what merely matches your outfit. And when it comes to mascara, that's one of the absolute best investments that you can make for your face. Therefore, don't go the cheap route, make sure it's hypo-allergenic and waterproof and the minute the wand dries out or the mascara starts to flake, take that as your cue to purchase a new tube.

Matching blush and lipstick. Overmatching your makeup is a lot like overmatching your clothes; it can be a bit of overkill. That said, no one naturally blushes and their face turns purple or dark red, so why would you put those shades on your cheeks bones? In selecting a blush, pick a shade that is not far from your natural skin tone rather than getting one that's close to your lip color or worse, rubbing a bit of your lip stick on your cheeks in the attempts to blend it in. Also, when it comes to picking a lipstick, pick one tube that's as close to your natural lip color as possible for the day, and then a couple of tubes that are a few shades darker for the evening. If you go to, you can pull some promo codes for discounts on some of your favorite cosmetic lines. You never know, you might be able to get all three lipsticks for the price of one!

Having a "night face" during the day. Honestly, some powder, mascara, a brush of blush and a natural lip color, for most women, will be all that you need while in the office. When it comes to having a more dramatic looking face--- creating cat eyes, a shimmering bronzer or power or a dark shade of lipstick, these are all things that would be best suitable for the night for when you want to make a really lasting impression. Work is about doing your job. After work, the focus can be put more on you. When you have a face full of makeup that looks more appropriate for a formal date than a business meeting, it can still be stunning, but not in the way that you might think or like it to be.

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