The Most Expensive Beauty Treatments

Most women are willing to shell out major money to hang on to the appearance of youth. We're constantly looking for the next best thing in beauty, whether it's a miracle cream, a rare and exotic serum from nature, or a costly and painful procedure. And while some of us are limited by funding, still we'll likely splurge on at least one product that we swear is doing the trick. If we could, we'd all be signed up for regular facials and other spa treatments, in addition to a slew of expensive beauty products from industry heavyweights like La Mer and Chanel. So whether you're looking to blow some dough or you just like to dream, here are a few of the priciest beauty treatments on the market and how they can help you to be mistaken for your teenage daughter's sister rather than her mother.

  1. Caviar and truffle hair treatments. For just over $300 you can visit Hari's Salon in London and get your hair shined up courtesy of truffle shampoo and a caviar mask. Sadly, you'll have to pay extra for edible versions of these delicacies if you want a suitable snack during your treatment.
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  2. Evian bath. You could buy 1,000 liters of Evian and pour it in your own tub to save a few bucks, but if you're going to bathe in this pricy H2O anyway you might as well spend the five grand to get the spa treatment (complete with rose petals) at Hotel Victor in Miami. Yes, that's $5,000 for the singular pleasure of marinating your body in this pure water that most of us can't even afford to drink. According to Evian, "the most important body of water is your own". And for a mere few thousand dollars you can have a body of water made out of Evian. evian_bath
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  3. Gem facial. You may remember the hubbub a couple years back over Mila Kunis and her $7,000 facial. The treatment, pioneered by Scott-Vincent Borba (BORBA Skincare), includes crushed diamonds, rubies, and other precious gems that are mixed into a paste and applied to the face to induce a "lustrous sheen". Frankly, most women would probably rather have $7K worth of gems dangling from their earlobes than polishing their faces.

  4. Diamond massage. For those who love hot-rock massages, it's time to take it to the next level by replacing those lava rocks with diamonds. Spa on Location, a Santa Monica-based company that will come to your house or movie set to bring you massage treatments, offers the "Hearts on Fire" massage that consists of $1 million worth of precious gems placed on your body. The cost of this ridiculous treatment (which supposedly counteracts electromagnetic toxins) is reportedly $25,000, which is probably why it is popular only amongst uber-wealthy celebs.
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  5. Bee venom facial. You won't find vials of this costly substance on your tour of Mesa garage sales (or even those in Beverly Hills); a 1-ounce bottle runs about $55,000. And if you'd rather have a facial than buy a Mercedes, you can come away from the experience with skin that is plumped, lifted, and firmed, not to mention potentially motionless. The product has been touted as a "natural alternative to Botox" (forgetting that the botulin toxin itself is produced quite naturally by certain bacteria) and it is said to be responsible for the major rejuvenation of Camilla Parker, Duchess of Cornwall, who doesn't look a day over fifty, despite her 63 years on this Earth.
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(Guest Post by Carol Montrose)

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