How To Look Your Best, Even When You're Under The Weather

We've all had those days where we wake up feeling awful but roll ourselves out of bed and drag ourselves to work anyway. Often we do the bare minimum (we'd wear sweats or pajamas if we could get away with it) and pretty much anyone who sees us knows that we're not exactly firing on all cylinders.

But if you've decided that you're not quite ill enough to justify taking a sick day, then you might as well make the effort to mask your condition from coworkers (not that you would mind if they avoided you like the plague - you might actually get some work done).

So here are just a few tips to look like you're on top of the world even when you feel like you're six feet under.


1. A hot shower. 

You might feel like simply running a comb through your hair and heading out in yesterday's clothes, but you will be amazed by the wonders a long, hot shower can do for you.

It will wake you up and make you feel halfway human no matter how hard it is to drag yourself out of bed. Clean and refreshed is always the best way to start the day, sick or not, and it shows.

2. Concealer. 

When you're not feeling well you're probably having some trouble sleeping, which means you're going to look tired. So any beauty regimen while you're sick should start with a dollop of under-eye concealer to mask dark circles and puffy skin.

This one simple trick is great for everyday use, but when you're sick it could be enough to give you the lifted look that belies your fragile state of health.

3. Blush. 

The last thing you want to do is slather on makeup when you're not feeling well, so limit your application process and focus on a couple of key areas for highlighting. Since you've already set the base with concealer, add a little pop of color to pasty cheeks with a sheer wash of rosy blush.

A gentle flush is a sure sign of health, but don't overdo it - too much rouge could make your pale skin even more pallid. Keep the application light and think about using a cream blush instead of powder to add a bit of glow and avoid the chalkiness that sometimes comes from pressed powders.

4. Bright colors. 

You might be tempted to throw on some bland neutrals to avoid drawing attention in your weakened state, but resist the urge to disappear behind blah browns or oatmeals, which will actually accentuate your sickly pallor.

Instead go for a gentle pop of color near your face (pinks and purples tend to be the most universally flattering) as a way to play up your natural coloration.

5. Pop a pill. 

You don't have to be familiar with informatics in healthcare to know that when you're feeling good you're going to look better. So whether you're beset by a cold, flu, or migraine, take some appropriate OTC medication to ease the symptoms.

There's simply no reason to remain miserable when help is so readily available. As a bonus, stopping your sniffles, nausea, or the squinting that comes from a major headache will surely improve your appearance, even as it has you feeling ship-shape once again.

(Guest Post by Carol Montrose)

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  1. Confidence

  2. Expert3:21 PM

    Best Ways
    Drink Fluids
    It is very important to eat healthy and to make sure you take your vitamins. Eating your balance of fruits and vegetables everyday is extremely important in keeping your immunity system up. Stay away from junk food and fast food products especially if there high in fats and sugars.

  3. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Your skin care and makeup regimen also need to morph with you during this time..


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