The Epilator: Smoother than You'd Think

You don't really appreciate the importance of efficient hair removal until you move in with someone. When you're dating, you can just pretend that you're just naturally hairless. You spend the odd Saturday at a salon or in the bathroom burning, then stripping your legs. Then you spend the rest of the time pretending it was never there in the first place. If you remove regularly, your significant other will never know what sort of hairy animal you really are.

It’s not so easy once you move in. During those first few months, you have this inconvenient impulse to spend all of your waking hours with your new roomie. It’s blissful, but there’s no time to get rid of the forest erupting from your skin.

You can get up at four in the morning on a Saturday but then you have to explain your afternoon naps and the wax all over the sink. Shaving isn't really an option for those of us with stubbornly tenacious hair. By the time you dry off, those prickly hairs start rearing their ugly heads. And it's hard to get close and relaxed when you know you feel like a porcupine.

The stresses of my new double life lead me to an option that I honestly would not have otherwise tried. The epilator sounds like it would be...uncomfortable. The device works a bit like an electric razor. But instead of shaving the hairs off with multiple blades, it plucks them out with multiple tweezers -- 40 to be exact.
I'm no stranger to a sturdy pair of stainless steel tweezers. I can shape a brow in under a minute without blinking an eye. But the thought of that many tweezers working in unison is a little bit intimidating.
But this is the only device that I've ever heard of that gives you the smooth results of a professional wax without all the goop, expense or time at a salon. Maybe it was the sleep deprivation from my early morning waxes, but I decided to give it a try.

The results were better than you'd think. It does not feel like 40 tweezers plucking out your hairs simultaneously. I would imagine that they'd have a lot of trouble moving units if it did.
When you put the tweezing head on your skin, it massages and cools your skin to sort of numb it before the tweezers start working. The combination of the cold and the vibration is surprisingly effective.
If you want an extra smooth experience, take a hot shower beforehand. Use a scrubbing, exfoliating glove or body wash to clear away the dead skin around your hair follicles. When the hot water opens up your pores, the hair is easier to remove.

woman epilator hair removal
Start with extra sensitive spots like your bikini line. If you're sensitive, use the "extra gentle" speed. It takes a few minutes longer but it's nicer on soft skin.

Braun Silk-epil Xelle Epilator
Using an epilator only takes a few minutes out of your day. If you're removing your hair in secret in the bathroom, there's really no other option. It's also great if you're short on time. It's as smooth as waxing but there's no melting, applying, clean-up and post-waxing shower involved. And, surprisingly, it's less painful than a wax strip. The tweezers work quickly and precisely and the hair is gone before you know it.

(Guest Post by Chris Ward)

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