Help for dry, rough & wrinkly feet - Reader's Query

Reader's Query

Saima asks:
The skin on my feet is very rough and dry with a few wrinkles also. I'd say that it almost resembles a granny's feet. BTW, I'm only 25 years old. I always wear footwear that cover my feet completely and avoid wearing open-toed sandals and such.

I so envy other girls / women with dainty, lovely feet and wish I too had feet that were soft and smooth.

Please suggest a suitable home-remedy to improve the texture of the skin on my feet.

I'd also like to add that I do not have a problem of dry skin on any other part of my body.  In fact, I have super-smooth skin on my arms and my hands are quite lovely.

Also I don't have acne, blemishes or anything of that sort. It's only my feet that I'm worried about.

girl worried about dry, wrinkly feet

Why this obsession with your feet, my dear?  You have lovely hands and a practically trouble-free skin. You should be thankful for that.

Not many are blessed with blemish-free skin, Pay more attention to your positive features and learn to ignore your imperfections. You  will be more happy that way. Learn to present yourself in a way that showcases your best features.

Now to answer your query, always clean your feet properly while bathing. Use a small brush to whisk off all the dirt and grime from your feet. As your skin is very rough and dry, you should also exfoliate it at least twice a week.

For that you can use a homemade scrub such as this one. Take around 2-3 tsps of rava /sooji (medium size) (buy from here & here), 1 tsp multani mitti (buy from here), 1 tsp Besan, 1 tsp honey and milk.

Mix all the ingredients and milk to get a pasty consistency. Gently rub this all over your clean feet. 

As the skin on the feet is quite tough, you can even use this sand body-scrub (a Middle-East DIY beauty recipe).

After that, apply aloe-vera gel all over your feet. You can either use a store-bought aloevera gel or fresh aloe-vera pulp extracted from the plant.  Also rub aloe-vera gel regularly on your feet before going to bed; it makes your feet soft and supple and your toe-nails strong and healthy.

If you have cracks on the soles of your feet, a mixture or glycerine and Rose water or even an application of pure ghee helps to heal them. You can find more such home-remedies for cracked soles here.

Also if you want to exfoliate the skin on the soles of your feet, you might try bare-foot sand-walking. By any chance if you have a problem of corns and calluses, check these home remedies too.

Once in a week or fortnight pamper your feet with a pedicure. Once in a while, it's fine but each time you need not  visit a beauty parlour / spa just for a pedicure.

It proves to be quite an expensive affair and moreover many insiders have spilled the beans about the unhygienic conditions under which these spas and parlours operate, their posh & regal ambience notwithstanding.

On the contrary, an at-home pedicure is not only hygienic but will cost you nothing and will save your time too.  BTW, you can find more awesome tips on feet care & some easy exercises for your ankles and feet in the post Put your best foot forward.
rough dry wrinkly legs
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One more thing... Sometimes, ill-fitting shoes are also the culprit - tight shoes often cause improper blood circulation and also take a toll on your foot skin. So you should always wear footwear that fit you well.

Also make sure that there is no shoe-bite, pinching and soreness. And at the end of the day, if your tootsies are feeling tired, relax with a hot foot bath or pamper them with these terrific foot soothers.

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  1. Barnali8:23 AM

    Put Vaseline on them at night and cover them with cotton socks. They will be 100% softer in the morning. Don't forget to exfoliate.

  2. Binoy8:23 AM

    Use some cocoa butter from Palmers and wear socks while you're around the house, even to bed. Make sure you use the cocoa butter more than once or twice a day if they're really dry.

  3. Neeladri8:24 AM

    Soak your feet in water for 10 mins. Then get a scraping thing and scrape all the dead dry skin off.... After wards lotion it and repeat. It works.

  4. Basanti8:34 AM

    I have the same problem. I use exfolient and body butter from The Body Shop. But they also have oodeles of other things there. I would stop by there one day and ask some one who works there to help you. When I went they were super helpful in finding just what I wanted.

  5. Neeraja8:36 AM

    You should totally use Vaseline! It works miracles, I swear. Put it on your feet at night with cotton socks and wake up to softer feet! Or just use it daily for silky soft skin! Not only for feet, but every other part of your body, like elbows, lips, face, eyelashes, or anything else! Or use Vaseline, then pumice stone. I do have rough feet and this works every time! Hope it helps!

  6. Malini8:38 AM

    what works for me is i soak my feet in warm water wit soap for 15 mins and then i surb off the dead skinthen put lotion on hope it helps!!!!

  7. Bhoomi8:39 AM

    I make my own hand and body lotion using a combination of baby lotion, vitamin e cream, and either (or a combination of) Vaseline or aloe Vera gel. Whip it all together in a bowl using a mixer and then put it in a container. This has been the best cream I have ever used.

  8. Bhavani9:14 AM

    For wrinkled feet take the benefit of foot spa.

  9. Madhuri9:22 AM

    Keeping your feet moisturized is important.if you want to combat aging.You will find many feet moisturizing products on the market.choose one that is natural and not chemically based.

  10. Indira9:26 AM

    Give Feet a Nice Soak.A foot soak always feels amazing after a long day. Feet can get achy and hot, but a good soak will allow the muscles to relax. Soaking also helps to soften the skin on your feet that may be calloused and hard.

  11. Kamakshi9:28 AM

    Proper skin care can keep feet looking young and beautiful for years.Apply lotion will help provide anti aging benefits to feet.

  12. I like vaseline. There's nothing in the world that works better, but it has to be done daily.

  13. Harshada8:30 AM

    Hi,Thanks for the post. It’s very informative. ;)

  14. Kusuma2:58 PM

    For dry hands and feet, try dipping them in warmed olive oil before wrapping them in cotton gloves and socks.

  15. also Smitha... the worst thing you can say to a person that is have a physical esthetic challenge is to say learn to love yourself. It's insensitive and condescending. I love myself but I don't love having old lady feet.

  16. I have the same issue. Your feet have to become a regiment. Vaseline works wonders but also a pedicure that includes wax seems to smooth my feet.

  17. my leg's fingers are so rough. wat can i do for seems horrible.everybody sees my fingers reveals bad embarrassing...

  18. Anonymous11:25 PM

    am just 18 yrs old but my legs and hand looks so old which make me feel bad when am in company ( am in hostel) with my frnds so help me with some simple tips :-(


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