Graceful hands

Your hands speak volumes about you, literally. See to it that your hands are well-manicured and your arms hair-free. This will impart a feminine grace.

graceful hands

Hands can easily spoil the grace if you are not careful with them. When you have nothing to do with them, let them do nothing. Don’t become conscious of them during a conversation and start waving them or attempt making unnatural gestures to drive your point home. 

Watch out when your hands tend to start fidgeting, twisting and twirling the corner of your handkerchief, duppatta or patting your hair or the pleats of your sari. These irritating little mannerisms reveal an unsure personality. Let your hands just relax. 

While sitting on an arm chair or sofa, let one hand rest easily on a chair arm; let the other rest on your lap, fingers slightly curled. Avoid resting both elbows on the chair arms; this adds to the body width and is not graceful.

The hand appears more graceful in profile. Learn to keep your hands at a slight angle with the body always.

This video depicts simple exercises to get graceful hands.

(Guest post by Deepti)

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  1. Shaheen3:40 PM

    I would recommend glycerin. Any brand would do. Apply it right after doing the dishes or cleaning around the house. Olive oil does wonders too, just that it's more expensive.

  2. Karen5:14 PM

    First of all, it is really important to use Luke warm water and NOT hot water because the hot water washes away the natural oils and drys out your hands (and body). If you are worried about germs, think of it this way. There is no temperature of water you can wash with that will be hot enough to kill bacteria and germs. The FRICTION of scrubbing with soap (and it DOESN'T have to be antibacterial) and running water washes the germs away.Think about it... medical personnel use AUTOCLAVES to scorch the metal equipment to kill the germs. Your human flesh can't handle even boiling water which is a whole lot cooler than autoclave.

    Use lotion or oils directly AFTER the bath/shower/washing for the best absorption into the skin.

    At night, use a thick ointment or similar cream and wear the cloth gloves to keep your hands from rubbing it all over your sheets and blankets and to keep it in contact with your hands longer.

  3. Shrisharan5:56 PM

    For glossy and strong nails, soak them in a mixture of lemon juice & glycerine.


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